Monday, July 12, 2010


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If there is anything that makes me bitter about my coming to this place in life, hearing blowhards spout off to get attention using racial issues to buttress their argument is one of them. I wonder if Charles Barkley won't soon be quoted about Rev. Jackson's statement. My interest is mild regarding the situation because it hovers between disagreement with and don't care about the entire issue.

With real life on my mind, who cares about LeBron James and whatever Rev. Jackson thinks the whole free agent circus examplifies? I lost respect for the popular black athelete when Michael Jordan decided that he should keep his mouth closed during the Rodney King thing and everyone was asking for their opinions.

Somewhere a imflammatory conservative blogger is screeding out his literary bile as he races to let everyone know how much the Rev. Jackson loves the spotlight and shuns the issues. I thought he was here in Detroit primarily to get some job growth thingy with the UAW kicked off.

This kind of crap burns me up. I think this was selfish and an attempt by the Reverend to insert himself into the national conversation. Of all the things for him to speak out on with all the people who could use his voice to call attention to their plight, he chose to defend LeBron James.


Thomas said...

I've wondered sometimes if Jesse ever really cared about people and issues, or if he just saw it as his path to fame and riches. At one time he was in a position to a lot of good for a lot of people, and he traded that opportunity for fifteen minutes of fame and thirty pieces of silver.

On another topic, I can't really remember the last time an artist or athlete spoke his mind on the issues, except to say something calculatingly bland and inoffensive. I guess nobody wants to offend anyone who might buy a ticket; money trumps morality.

LceeL said...

My mother has said for years that all Jess Jackson has ever wanted to do was get his name in the paper and his face on TV. He really doesn't care about the people involved in whatever situation it is he's speaking to - it's the situation he wants to take advantage of.

And as for Jordan? The only person Michael Jordan has ever been concerned about is Michael Jordan. But that doesn't make him bad. It makes him what he is - an opportunist, and entrepreneur and a me-first American - just like everybody else. And more power to him.

The real people who care - the volunteers, aid workers and public servants (REAL public servants) - are too damn busy doing what tehy can for other people to stick their heads up to catch the spotlight. Thank God for them. Thank God for that.

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

I personally think that Jesse Jackson needed to say the things he did about the Cavs owner. Yes, Jackson does love the spotlight but sometimes someone needs to speak out against blatant racism. I don't care where LeBron James plays basketball but it is his right to choose Miami and I think his reasons were okay.

That corgi :) said...

I missed what Jesse Jackson said. I think our news is still covering Lindsay Lohan above all else (just kidding about that one; don't intentionally watch too much news unless I'm at the gym where there is nothing else on.) I think sometimes people need to stop and think before they talk and see if what they are saying truly needs to be said