Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Stayed awake to meet my 4:30 a.m. showered, then Pops and me were on the road an hour later. There was no trouble getting there and none from boarding at the McNamara Terminal thru deboarding at Eppley Airfield. Didn't really do any 'meet and speak', making just enough small talk to be polite. Didn't make sense to make anyone feel obligated by listening to me and my whining, but the cat at O'Hare Airport kinda got on my nerves, striking up a convo and picking on my Bucky Badger emblazoned Wisconsin shirt. I hope that when the Badgers and Huskers do play that the Badgers and their students doing their 'Jump Around' to disrupt the Nebraska en route to a victory, preferably in Madtown! We rode together on the crop duster from Chicago to Omaha.


Omaha is a fine looking city with a sparkling downtown. It still seems to radiate from the 'inside-out' and really there is an enviable downtown, with restaurants, cultural centers, hipster stores and other eclectic shops that I can easily see myself either working or shopping in. Will go to the Walgreens and get a camera to take pictures.

Nebraska played tour guide and could easily fit in at the Chamber of Commerce. A lot of what I saw seemed brand new, like the baseball stadium that will host the College World Series, places for the Orchestra and performing arts, the 'college district' and all the structures for Creighton, Nebraska-Omaha and the University Medical Center.

Checking in with the front desk and in talking with a 20-something sister, I had the region's racial tension reinforced. Though I was aware of the polarization and divisions in the city, it is so different when you see it for yourself and hear about it from someone living the experience. Often, when hearing about such social injustices, I think about all the folks who persevered despite problems like these and I try to filter what I hear. What ever it is that may be working against me still has to be overcome, so I will not buy into any of the justifications as to why things may seem to the locals to be the way that they are. All I can see here is opportunity lying there waiting to be seized.

We rode by some of the spots Nebraska had looked at/put in applications for me and they were pretty okay. They had at least one thing for sure that made them uniquely suited to me, but I think that my being on disability is working against me. I receive 'just enough' not to make it to qualify, falling short by a few dollars of the realtor's minimum. Maybe if I was able to present my case I would be able to sell them on taking a chance on me, after all, I am not so bad...

Nebraska and I have an understanding between each other with regards to our friendship and everything is cool and a-ok on that front. Tomorrow I am to catch the bus to the Housing Authority. After that, the mission is all about getting on the Greyhound and returning to Detroit with no hurry, but hoping the wait goes by faster than the wait I had with the Friend of the Court.

Seems that being on Central Time is not doing anything for my sleeplessness, even with having made it here safely and getting some things out in the open with Nebraska. As much ground as I have covered, there is still a whole lot left for me to go. I still feel comfortable as I did three years ago about moving here, the crisis having blown over.

I wanted to let y'all know that I was doing fine and expecting to get everything I need done and will be out here soon enough.


LceeL said...

Half of my wife's people are from Nebraska. The other half are from Mexico. Yes, there were some issues early on. I'll tell you about all that some time over coffee - when we have a chance to sit down with each other - when we once and finally meet.

Be well. Be safe, with all that traveling.

Hello, Nebraska.

That corgi :) said...

you are there Mark!! I know I haven't really been reading your journal very faithfully these past few weeks, I knew you were going there, just didn't know the timeline. It sounds like a good place to be, all places have their problems,of course, but I see a real potential here for you, Mark! I am glad that you got there safely and that Nebraska has been helping you to learn about Nebraska and that you guys have a good understanding about your relationship. I hope things fall into place nad very soon you can call it home


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

So glad you are there and get to determine for real what is what. Enjoy and I look forward to some pictures.

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

"The Eagle Has Landed."

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Glad you are doing well. I hope Nebraska meets all your expectations.



Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll either be posting an entry as you travel back to Detroit or once you get there. I'm really looking forward to "reading" your analysis of my town.

I think "The O" is a good fit for you...despite all the hills!


DB said...

Ho, Mark, you sound good. More looking outside from a sturdier inside. May Nebraska fill in some of the chinks and may all your surprises be pleasant ones.

Good luck.

CareyCarey said...

Hello young man,

I don't visit many blogs. I mean, I have a select few on my blogroll that I keep an eye on, and a few that I follow but I am not an "Internet groupie". I do however visit everyone that stops by my blog, which brings me to you humble abode. and I'm glad that I did.

First, you comments at my spot caught my eye. You writing skills are to be admired and you speak with conviction. And, as your profile implied, you don't mind stepping outside the box.

I read your last 3 posts, and again, you express yourself very well. I don't know who you've had as role models but someone has raised you well.

In your posts, I liked how you speaked with honesty, fearlessness and courage, and you spoke from a personal point of view. I mean, you didn't stay in negativity and you didn't blame others for whatever you've been going through.

In reference to Nebraska, I 've been there. I've actually taken picture down on the playing field of the football stadium. Well, my children and I jumped the fence to do that :-). But I agree, it's a clean city, but it will be sort of a cultural shock for you (I think). Well, I've visited Detroit several times, and I am glad I was only visiting. And, I have a son in Virgina.

I loved the variety in you music taste, but I have to put you up on the canon of black literature.

In fact, when you get a chance, check out one of my post called something like "Gil Scott Heron is on Parole". You might find it interesting, or funny, or stupid, or forgetable.

Well young man, you keep doing what you're doing and I think you have a bright future in front of you. I didn't read how you aquired your head injury, but maybe one day I will. But maybe it's not that important.

My motto is "What About A Time Called Now"

btw,how did you find my dirty little corner of earth? My style of writing (and messages) is not for everyone.