Sunday, July 18, 2010


I don't mind cats. I have even thought about getting a cat to keep me company when I get to Omaha, picking one from the local shelter. Would that make me the weird old guy with the cat, living alone and having no visitors? Don't know if I care enough to be bothered.

Cat people do tend to be a bit stranger than dog people, IMO. The reason that I think of cats people being more 'off', is the lack of obvious affection that some cats display towards their owners. While a spoiled dog runs around the yard or gnaws at furniture and doors, a cat display of indifference borders on contempt. Very few dogs will drool at the sight of food and then when it is set down for them to eat, turn away from it. Cats really do turn their noses up at food, which is one of those myths that happen to be true.

The author of this exchange speaks in the sidebar about not really having anything agaist cats as much as he can't really say anything for them (kind of like me and my family!!), at least nothing that indicates any affection for the creature. I do think that his response is not completely uncalled for but it does border on being an a--hole. I mean, the woman knew that she was calling on someone who doesn't care for cats to help her find Missy. She wagered that the relationship she had with the guy was tight enough for him to overcome his disdain for kitty-kats.

Uh, NOT!!

Some of the 'deaths' of these fictional characters are funny and worth trying to read as the 'obituaries' flash past. Hope y'all find this stuff worthy of a smile or two.


DB said...

Mark, the secret of living with a cat is having a sense of humor. Since they don't appear to have one, at least not overt, they tend to respect you more if you can laugh at them because they are always curious about what you're laughing at.


DB said...

More about cats. They really are affectionate, but they have strange ways of showing it. Such as: they will jump up and lie down to nap on top of the book you are trying to read, if you're on your bed they will walk across your chest to get to the other side then show you their rear end, tail held high, they will stretch out their front paws and affectionately dig their claws into your leg. But when the lie down next to you and purr you know you have a friend.

Anonymous said...

My favorite obit was for Waldo. :)

The name of my blog is a tribute (sort of) to my cat Alice, who I loved for nearly twenty years.

I like both cats and dogs, especially old ones. They mellow with age...

Tawnya said...

My cat is very affectionate. She gets in my lap and cuddles with me and she will even talk to me sometimes. It really depends on the cat, they all are so very different! The cat we had before this one, Mookie, loved to kiss our hands when we pet him. He was VERY affectionate.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Big Mark,
I am a weird cat person. I have 7 cats. I really dig them.

DB is right in what he said, by the way. The man knows cats.

All the best,


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

The key is getting a young cat, or better yet, a kitten, and giving it lots of handling attention. That way you can clip nails, brush, etc., things that make it easier to deal.

Having said that, humor is also key since they do what ever the hell the please.

We love our kitteh :o)