Monday, June 14, 2010



Iain Thomas and his photographer friend (John Ellis, who lives in Japan and they have NEVER MET) collaborate on the blog 'I WROTE THIS FOR YOU'. He calls what he does a part of a movement he calls 'ambiguous microstories' and by keeping his short stories between 'you and me', the reader is allowed to enter the story and identify with it.

Between the pictures and his words, there is some pretty brilliant stuff on his page. This entry was very strong... don't ask me, READ ALL THE COMMENTS! Some of these folks were truly moved and I think this was one of the more spectacular entries in quite a while. I could put myself in that situation (and lately, I think I have been there..!) and many of the comments that were left, really expanded on the theme.

Since he explains it much better than I do, you can watch him do so here. I hope he doesn't get upset with me... I am not trying to rip him off or anything, but I do think he won't mind me trying to get more readers for his project.


I hope that I have plugged for Aurora but if I haven't, there you go!! Well, one of the journals that she follows, Hipstercrite, caught my attention. This is part two of an unfinished story that I thought was developing nicely. But it was prolly 'ripped from real life', and I could understand her deciding to leave the tale unfinished. I know I do that enough. A lot of times it is in writing and sharing the story that most of what I feel gets ironed out and once I am not feeling 'whatever', there isn't a need to finish the story.

Before some of my more informed and astute readers notice a 'trend', one more blog to plug. I don't know who I glommed this blog from, but the other day Dave who may or may not have been blogging rather than working, posted about 'good looking old people' . It happened that I read the blog after one morning I was on my way out to the gym and a neatly dressed woman was walking around the bus depot (station? terminal?? where all the buses stop??), presumably on her way to work at an office somewhere.

She was beautiful. Not in a Eva Mendes-Selma Hayek kind of way, but it had that effect on ME. She had a nice figure not for her age but PERIOD. So looking like I could use some spare change (hey, I was on my way to the gym, not the prom!!) I walked up to her and simply told her that I thought she was pretty and to have a nice day. I hope that my acknowledging her for her attractiveness did as much for her as it did for me.

Now that I am in my 40's, I am wondering if there is going to be a new set of rules dating women. For the most part I have NOT been looking forward to trying to become involved with women, because to me, it seems that the difference from many being as 'stupid' as they were when they were younger, is that they aren't younger!! Some women are every bit as stupid as they ever were and like the problem a trainer would have with an old dog, entrenched bad habits pervade thier character. I mean, why would you wait until you were in your 40's to START with tatoo's?!? If it wasn't in your before why get them?

There aren't too many entrenched traits or philosophies in my mind, not many at least, that aren't malleable. And even though I would want some one who is age apropriate, I am not all that convinced that their chronology is matched by the maturity. Anywho... that is all I have right now. Might do some reading about the cat in South Carolina who the Dems ther think is a ringer... and the question I would have for the South Carolina Democrats is, 'why couldn't y'all beat him?' If he was such a flop canidate, why did he win??

Anywho... thanks for all the comments and for y'all continued readership. I still feel like seafoam, but I can bench my weight again, and that is what counts!!


Bonnie Bonsai said...

hahaha - you make me laugh.

(you make just a fine critic for beautiful women ... haha)

you're far too intelligent that perhaps instead of drawing women to take interest in you, you shoo them away with your hifalutin brain (no offense meant).

i told my daughter one day about this husband who told his wife that how could someone beautiful be so stupid to which the wife explained:

God made me beautiful so that you will get attracted to me. He made me stupid so that I will get attracted to you.

Isn't life fair dinkum? (sometimes)

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

I agree Mark. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. But you can't teach a young dog old tricks either.

Speaking for women in their 50s, it's nice to have a great figure and to turn a man's head but it is better to have grace, insight and wisdom. As the saying goes: "beauty is only skin deep."

Oh, and you don't look like sea foam to me.

Aurora said...

Thank you for the link, Mark:)

But I don't follow a journal called Hipstercrite - so that must be someone else who you read!

Yes, I think your compliment was very much appreciated by that woman. It was a nice thing for you to do - I hope she acknowledged it by saying thank you :)

As far as women - at any age - figure that 80% of the population is 'stupid' (by which I mean simply does not think beyond the most superficial of levels and either can not or will not choose to acknowledge their own 50% in the creation of every relationship they have - happy or dysfunctional -- no matter how educated or well-to-do or well-known they are)

So of the 20% left, it is up to you to be discerning. And to truly bring to the table yourself that which you would like them to have to offer.

Compatibility with chemistry is available, if you really know what healthy boudaries, values and ethics are important to you.

You can't help but attract what you secretly believe you deserve on some level inside.

Dave said...

Thanks for the link Mark.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It only becomes more real as we age. Much less time for BS and games.