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First, I figured he has given Cleveland its best shot... thinking about what goes thru the mind of a young boy who dreams of being a star in any of the four major spectator sports (y'all know I consider hockey and not NASCAR as the fourth major sport, joining football, baseball and basketball in that number), the dream includes a shot at a national championship and then getting drafted by a team where they go on to a hall of fame career.

Rarely does this path includes staying in one's hometown and accomplishing all of those things. This prolly includes LeBron James. Why should it have? growing up his hometown pro team was wishy-washy at best and I think of the Buckeyes as being a fair to middlin' power under Gary Williams in the 90's. So as his talents grew and would take him to different parts of the country, I am sure that he was looking forward to seeing what other parts of the country have to offer.

Now it sounds good, the making it big in your hometown scene, but then you have to wonder what his hometown did for him? You grow up broke and always scraping by as your dreams of being a rich and famous athlete begins to creep closer to a reality, you still have to face the lack having comfort 'right now'. Then there is the vicious jealousy of people who wish ill on you and if they can't aid in taking you down a peg or two, actively vibe bad things your way. From the mumbling about your talents (he still can't consistently hit a jumper... who does he think he is, the next Michael Jordan?) to trying to set you up for a fall and being willing to look for dirt to sell on you, what is good for HIM about Cleveland?

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Cleveland is all bad for him. But it is also where his disappointing memories live as well. At 24, 25, he should be ready go out into the world and leave the haters and bad memories in his rear view.

Then I read in the Huffington Post about an alleged tryst between one of his teammates and his Mother. Damn Ma... what the --

LeBron Mom is 'young' 41 or so. She does NOT have a stellar record as far as character goes. I THINK she has accepted gifts and benefits on behalf of her son's basketball talents. She has also had her run ins with law enforcement. I guess you could say that they were mistakes born out of her circumstance, being a young single mother and all, but still... they were also signs of character, too.

So I am doing the math and I see LeBron as being done with Cleveland the town and the team (because I can't see being in a locker room and seeing 'the junk' that my Moms picked up on, ya feel me?) if any of what was said by Calvin Murphy (who is a challenged with the same credibility issue as Floyd Landis...) has any kind of truth to it.


It was buried because of the tragedy that occurred with the police raid and also because it was more cut and dried. As far as I am concerned, it is as typically tragic a story for the lives that is found on the margins of society.

Carrie Seils was a single Mom living in Clinton Township with her fiancee(!?!) Todd Pink. His crimes are the murder of Carrie and her son, along with the attempted murder of a family associate and her daughter. You can read about it here, if you like. Apparently this cat Pink had missed a probation hearing and could have been ordered to jail. Don't know how much time he would have served, but it doesn't mean he'd have been out of Carrie's life. He also could have been in the pokey had his previous girlfriend who he assaulted, had went on a pursued charges against him. That may have changed his attitude and he may not have been able to meet Carrie.

I have far more empathy for Carrie and her fate than I do of the for the family of Aiyanna Stanley-Jones, who are more interest in turning their event into profit. Never mind the young man who the uncle murdered over which by most accounts was incidental. The teenager Jerean Blake, was killed for the monumental offense of 'looking at him the wrong way', the uncle Chauncey Louis-Owens. That the uncle went away and then reappeared with a weapon only adds to the senselessness of HIS crime. What kind of indignity could have drove a grown man to murder?

Again, if in a sketchy neighborhood, the Uncle's was considered THE sketchiest. I offer sympathy for the lives that were cut short. But both were deaths that did not have to happen.


Right now I am watching 'Cabaret' on Ovation and enjoying seeing Liza Minelli in all her glory... and don't you DARE judge me!! Anything to mark the time until my next hearing, at which I expect my ex-wife to appear. Should be interesting.

Still trying to keep that 'stiff upper lip' and all. Took a few days off from the gym and from running to deal with filing my papers. A couple of times it felt like I was going to be overwhelmed by the process. Not only that, I am trying to budget for my move. To Nebraska.

That is why I led off with my thoughts on LeBron. It isn't that like me, he has to hate his hometown. But when you have expectations for yourself, you'd want a chance to pursue them. I think that he wants to go out and see something other than Shaker Heights. He wants people to be critical of him for his job performance and not because they are jealous of him as a person.

What I expect to find is my opportunity, the one that I haven't found here. When I think about having to become acclimated to another town, I have feelings creep in that asks about staying ... and I see places I would not mind looking at, but I don't.

Anywho... that is about it. Hope everyone have a great weekend! The weather has started to warm up and Memorial Day might be nice even in Detroit!!


That corgi :) said...

loved your comment about Liza Minelli and Cabaret; loved that move.

I hope you have a good restful weekend, Mark!


Thomas said...

I'm originally from Brimfield, a small town in Ohio not far from Cleveland, and I can tell you LeBron is *idolized* there. I've never seen an athlete put on a higher pedestal- and I've lived in Dallas. ;)

I think he has his heart set on New York. I'll be pretty surprised if he ends up anywhere else.

And I agree with you- Liza in her prime was lightning in a bottle!

Aurora said...

"sitting alone in your room, come here the music play...." I can hear her right now. Liza was great back then. It was an incredibly good musical.

Leaving the bad meories in your rear view mirror is even more about changing youself/your habits/behaviors.actions/thoughts and feelings than it is putting many miles between you and your hometown but not having changed what made you who you are...

I used to think distance would do the trick. Partly it does. But not when you are still carrying the same baggage.

Unnecessary, tragic deaths.
I wish instead if you pulled a gun or a knife on someone, you would just instantly disintegrate. Wouldn't we have a kinder world then?

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

Mark, First of all I love LeBron James. You are right, it's time for him to move on to a new city and the success that awaits him. Secondly, I love Cabaret. One of my favorite characters was Joel Grey. The movie captures the people and the times (especially the dark underbelly of the Nazi infiltration).

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Lebron had two great chances in Cleveland to make it work, so I agree that it is time to move on. Hope he really analyzes the team he wants to be part of and not just chase the money.

Glad you have decided on Nebraska, that way there is never a "what if".