Tuesday, December 1, 2009


... I do enjoy a good laugh. It doesn't matter what kind of humor it is, if it is funny, it is funny. Stuff can walk on the edges of nearly any kind of '-ism' and if it makes me giggle, I giggle. Audience of one, and if that one is me, then tell me why should I care if you think the comedian unfairly insults some indigenous tribe somewhere.


Read that Beth did a QOTSA song on her 'Rock Band' thingy. I wonder if it was 'Everybody Knows That You're Insane', from their 'Lullabies to Paralyze' album. I remember seeing them perform on 'SNL'. They did that song and two song set made me wonder why I was sleepin' on them, because they tore up the stage!! Then I remembered, I was in 'the provencial town I jogged 'round' with the Mooks.

I put a lot of 'Mark stuff' on the shelf while I was with them, struggling with the then unknown about me and whatever little attitude that existed in that latitude. The other song that they performed 'In My Head' sorta summed up what was happening, all the stuff that was 'in my head' was just that. Nothing was real, and as it does most anyone (cause y'all better not act like you don't know what it is like to be with someone who has checked out of the relationship on you), coming to terms that I had put myself in the situation that I was in, was next to the most important thing I did while there. The MOST important thing, was to do something about it.


Charlie Weiss was relieved from his duties at Notre Dame. What it is that he 'knew' was the environment. It is hard to coach at Notre Dame. Not a big enough fan to know about the intracies of the culture there, but I can't imagine that it is any different than Michigan football, Carolina basketball, and Montreal Canadian hockey.

Anywho, it sometimes IS about the environment whether you inherited it as the next coach of the Irish will, or create it as Bobby Bowden did at Florida State, you had better know it. It isn't like not knowing what you are getting into is an excuse.

If I was meant on my journey down my 'memory lane' to rediscover a possible relationship with my ex-wife, then destiny would have to be damned. I wasn't going to go there. When we sat down to talk, I recall fighting two things ... whatever you want to call it, her 'intimidation factor'. I resented that I still had those old feelings coming back, proving that time can heal and mend things, but not totally remove the scars.

The other thing I recall fighting is, her memory. She could not quite remember all the crap she did that helped contribute to our fail. She may have asked herself 'what could have been', had I been a better husband. My thing to her was, did she ever wonder what could have happened if she had been a better wife?

I mean, it wasn't that there wasn't a buzz about my prospects as a fighter. Had been a good fighter before her and was still a good boxer. Did she ever 'maybe baby' about that? How many times did she ask herself, 'Dag, Mark was decent with his hands ... if I had supported him the way I could have, maybe we'd had a better marriage'? Maybe have been rich and famous and we have been on an episode of 'Real Housewives of Detroit'?'

But I never did. What happened between us, happened. Have to accept the consequences, and not worry about her. It is about me, and that is what counts.

And that is what counts.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

As we have discussed before, it is about the now and later, not about the past and what could have been.

That corgi :) said...

loved that video Mark; appreciated the humor of it

any relationship whether it be marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend, son/father, daughter/mother, all have to be active participants in it. No one can really blame the other for the demise of a relationship (and I know you don't) without fully looking to see what they could have done differently to try to make it work. with the situation with my's girl and her mother trying to come back into her life, the mom doesn't want to take accountability (much) about what led up to the fact that the daughter is no longer living at home. Until she does, I don't think the relationship can be completely healed. Same with marriages. (I think you know what I'm trying to get at??)


Beth said...

No, the QOTSA song was "Go With The Flow." Cool song, not easy to play!

I've thought the same thing about Weis. As a Notre Dame grad, he "knew the job was dangerous when he took it."