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But I saw where the Wildcat had linked to this on his blog.
If all you did was listen to the Rants, you would laugh your head off! I had forgotten about ol' Foamy!!

He is sorta offensive in an Archie Bunker kind of way. Yesterday's 'Seinfeld' rerun was rip snorting hilarious. I think it was one of the funniest shows ever, rivaling 'Carol Burnett'. 'Cheers' was another show that I could count on for good, hard laughs. It was a show that no matter who walked by the television or their sense of humor, they would leave smiling.

My Army sis (who was tryin' to see the Pres. at Osan Air Base!) was a 'Friends' kind of gal ... it had it moments, but it never grabbed me. While 'Seinfeld' was a show about nothing, the lack of purpose that 'Friends' had made the show very shallow for me.

Watching the first 'rant', it doesn't have the same impact as it did when I first saw it. It is still funny, but it feels a little dated.

I smile watching the little poodle driving, because that is how I figure it would go if I was behind the wheel of a car!! It is amazing that I can ride that darn bike as well as I can!! Girl, you have NO IDEA!!!

Made it there(the Virginia Employment Workforce whatsit) and back again. They are testing for Census Workers and I just happened to show up at the right time!! So I sat and took the test, which was more of a challenge than I would have thought. There were 28 questions and I got 25 of them done. Even with that, the lady said I scored well, getting 20 of them right. I didn't have my 2nd piece of ID to verify my identity. She told me that I could bring it to their office and even request to take the test over. I think I will.

What ever is going wrong with me, is still going wrong. I still can hear lil' Mook sometimes, reminding me to 'be careful' when I get on Trixie. And that Nebraska said she 'caught it' when she finally met me. My point being, is that most of the physical things you will catch before I will. The mental issues ... oh, I know that stuff is going on there.

Reading is a chore ... and reading the simple but detailed questions took some effort. That is where I begin to make my choice, when stuff gets difficult. Since I hadn't planned on walking in and testing for the job, I could have came back another day. But that isn't what I was going to do, now that I had went to the trouble of taking up space in the testing office.

I buckled down and kept reminding myself that I have ALREADY DONE THIS before ... tests are tests are tests. I went to Renaissance High and I got some college under my belt. If this was nuclear physics, I would have wished I was Ken!

But it wasn't. Detailed but still simply story problems and a little arithmetic. There was some filing and hell, I am a 71 Lima!!

The lady acted like she was impressed by the score. I wasn't. After calming myself down and being able to accept that I wasn't going to breeze through the test, I should have gotten EVERY ONE of the questions correct. So when I go to take my other piece of ID to verify who I am, I am going to ask to take the test over. Can't do any worse, because I did that already!!

Other issues that I have, I don't talk about because the adjusting is done automatically. I think that it is more a function that we all have, the ability to compensate unconsciously for a weakness. I add to that I won't fool myself or over estimate my ability, as to my confidence in myself and what I am capable of.

By myself in the right environment, I know I can make a go of it. And THAT isn't what NOVA/Metroplex is all about.

It never has been, at least not for me.


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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Good thing it was not nuclear physics, because I am an Electrical Engineer.

Know you will do even better on the second try. I think census worker sounds cool :o)