Friday, October 2, 2009



Could it have been kismet? Next week, I would be flying out west to get things initiated there ...


I missed out giving you the goods on the Iowa-Penn State football game. Luckily, I watched it with the SFC, so she heard what I am going to share about the game.

Before it started, I told her that I expected the Hawkeyes to win. The coaching styles matched up that way, not the talent. The Nittany Lions were supposed to be better than the Hawkeyes, but since Kirk Frentez has been the coach, they play good football.

The reason I expected the Hawkeyes to win was that factor. Not going to say that Iowa's coach is better than the legendary Joe Paterno, but he does an excellent job at getting his team ready to play football.

If no one knew it, I am going to say it ... I like Tate Forcier. Not only does he have a cool name, he is a good football player. He exudes leadership and it comes out when it is clutch. Right now, he still plays with the reckless nature of a freshman, but I expect that will evolve as he evolves.

Hutch, Alaina, I still think Michigan is the darkhorse pick for college football this year. Beat State, and I think the Wolverines won't lose until maybe Wisconsin. Realistically, I think they can get the Buckeyes in Ann Arbor. They do have a rough schedule, but it is manageable. There is something about this squad, as weak as it is on paper, that says they can do it. If Mississippi State was in the top 5 for a cup of coffee, why not Michigan making it that high?


Don't know how much of it is habit (well, actually I do ... it is A LOT OF IT!!), but I also think that this season there is going to be a lot of quality television on. I mean, both, 'The Office' and 'Community' were very good. And there are a bunch of other shows that I am interested in, but since they come on at the same time, I have to 'pick my quaalude, man!'

On 'The Office', I think Jim got a whole lot of respect for Michael and the job that he does. Many of us have experienced that, where you give someone else your shoes and then they have to walk in them. Jim learned that there is a method to Michael's madness. Having to deal with how divvy up the raises had was an experience that Jim wasn't prepared to deal with.

'Community' was very well done, and layered as well. From the high school jock and his sneezing, to the smarmy lead played by Joel McHale trying to fake his way through a course that is supposed to be a 'gimme' grade (of course, it is going to be more than that, the interactions that took place in the class), and the object of his affections getting overinvolved with a class mates life, were involving and interesting.

There was alot more, but one of the biggest surprises for me is that Chevy Chase is watchable on the show. He can lay an egg if you aren't careful with him!

Other than tying up loose ends, I don't have a whole lot to say about me. I thought more would come out when I begun this entry, but it hasn't. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


Beth said...

We missed "The Office" last night because of Robin Williams. I forgot to watch it online today...might have to do that tonight! Hugs, Beth

P.S. didn't mention Notre Dame! ;)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

No ND and no Illini, whats up with that ???

a corgi said...

I hope you have a good weekend too, Mark; this will be a bittersweet one for you, I would imagine; the last weekend in Detroit.....


Tawnya said...

I also think that Michigan can go quite far with Tate as well. I like watching him play to see what he will come up with next!! If he is this good now, can you imagine what he will be like later?!?! Oh man! I will miss you not being here, but know that you have to go. Sorry that we did not get to meet. Have a safe trip if I don't get to chat at ya before you go!!