Thursday, October 29, 2009

For Tomorrow

I never gave a hot diggity about Halloween. No reason and I don't have any negative connotation to it. Like the way celebrating my birthday faded from the list of 'must see and do' events in my life.

Right now, stuff about me is floating in my mind ... but I still like to laugh. To me this is funny. I would watch stuff like this on Current, which is unavailable on Cox Cable. I still subscribe to their offerings on You Tube and I wanted to share and see if anyone else agreed with me.


The other day Ken did an entry about Western and Eastern Philosophy that I thought was pretty cool. Like one of the people who left a comment, I thought it was cool how much ground he covered in the past few days.

It is easier to read and comment right now than it is to try to concentrate on what is going on with me and share what is on my mind with y'all. Don't know if it would be any different if any of you were right here and we were chatting over coffee. And some of the comments left about the awkwardness I am feeling now have been welcomed. I think about how there are people out in the world that are thinking I can do this and be that ... so I push on.

Of course things will take time for me to get used to... but one of the things that the 'missing entry' I referenced the other day talked about how the subject was having issue with being in a new surrounding. Right now, I AM in a new surrounding. See what I am saying?

When you add on top of it that if you made me choose between here and the Chandler Park area of Detroit, which would I pick ...


Watching some of the congressional hearings on the effects of concussions in football, the SFC said that the commissioner of the NFL sounded like the cats for tobacco. I agreed, but I don't see where it is going to change anything. Football feeds into too many egos and makes far too much money. After all with all that is known about cigarettes, lots of people still smoke, don't they?

Going to go and join Anytime Fitness today. Hopefully things will feel better. Strange how things can be better but not feel better, with both sides of that statement being true.


Anonymous said...

I think the NFL could reduce concussions by replacing their hard-shell helmets with a soft, padded helmet. That way it couldn't be used as a weapon, the way it is now.

Senorita said...

I don't really celebrate Halloween that much either. I am trying to stay out of my neighborhood tomorrow so I don't have to be stuck handing out candy to the kiddies.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We are fortunate to be in the country, and off the road a bit, so in the seven years we have been here, we have never had a trick-or-treater, and that is fine with use. We do not do Halloween.

Hope you like your new workout place.

miss alaineus said...

may fav part about halloween is that it sanctions begging/ soliciting, a fine skill for all children to have!

no really, i am just in it for the socks- tony and i will be making an early am trip to target on sunday so i can get some obnoxious socks at clearance prices.

be well. i know how i get in my mind when i dont move enough, i hope getting into the fitness joint will bring your tranquility and peace of mind around faster.


Cathy said...

What a dichotomy of personas you have Mark! And all seemingly easy to know. Whatever you're becoming, it's still an evolution made of all you've done till now, IMHO, and you can watch, you can participate, you can do anything - you'll be back.