Thursday, August 20, 2009



As regular readers know, this has been a tough, tough month on me. I went and got a CRT done, and will call Monday to see what's what, if there is a 'what' to be told to me. 'Anxious' is a perpetual state for me, as you may have inferred in previous entries. If you haven't, you may get it now.

My zip is 48227. Botsford Hospital is in 48336. Let me tell you boys and girls, that is NOT around the corner. I had plenty of time to get there, since it wasn't until 1600 hrs. . I was en route at 0900. And no Guinevere, I could no more have stopped myself than you could keep the sun from rising (after all, it rises for you!!).

I am in the immediate vicinity at 1030 hrs. Stop and get a breakie from Mickey Dee's, and I started writing out my thoughts. But since my actual day was pretty full, I guess I will let this story play out over the course of however many entries it makes, and give my poor little head some time off.

Part of why I wanted to get out there was to avoid the showers predicted for the area in the early afternoon. The rest was my very real anxiety. Not from the test or from what it may show, but that is part of the package, so you can take it or leave it. Not that my condition doesn't further aggravate it ... because it does. That accounts for many a sleepless nights for me.

There is a Dunkin' Donuts sort of on a diag from the hospital. I rode up there and did some more 'goat thinkin' there at around noon. The showers started rolling in, and I was nice and dry. I was staring straight ahead of me, where an attractive, slightly older (early to mid 50's) happened to sit. I say it like that, because I was there first! Her 'whatever' came in after her and sat down. He then turned around and glowered at me.

I stared right through him until he turned his butt around and sat down. He was a nice sized guy, 6'2 or even 3, and prolly my weight. But as wound up as I was (always am??), I was thinking about how I wouldn't let him get out and get to his car, do you think you know what I mean.

He turned around and went on with whatever he was going on with. Funny that I would be thinking like that, as you will later see. Even with the 'later', I still feel I could beat the hell out of just about anyone ... I don't think that will ever leave me, at least not until I am in my 50's!

At 1330, the jitters made me get on my Trixie and peddle up Grand River. I was no more than five minutes into the ride when thunder showers hit. I would be drenched in the ten-fifteen minutes that the rain lasted. Great.

Decided to go on to the hospital and do what I needed to do. Since most of the registering had been done by phone, I only had to 'sign here', then wait. Nurse led me to the waiting area, and I took a seat.

After awhile, a lady and her college aged daughter came in, and they struck up a conversation. If I could bottle why I am so easy for people to talk to ... I mean, more people say 'hey' to me than I think the average person. People feel comfortable talking with me.

When they left, an expat from Great Britain and I spoke about how the taxes was going to eat up the $33k the girl won on 'Deal or No Deal'. We had both commented on how it was cool to take the 'bird in the hand', because the 'dealers' offers has gotten lower. Turns out she indeed had the $500k in her case. Que sera. Still, she gets to have her dream honeymoon and put a down payment on her a new home. You go girl!!

The scan took around 5 minutes, give or take. No, they didn't take me any earlier than the scheduled 4 o'clock (thought y'all may be tired of the military time!!), which was cool.

When I left the hospital, the sky was clear. Since I was this far out, I had planned on going to whatever they call Tally Hall/Loehman's Square these days and hope they had a replacement for my bag. I like it, but it gets dirty because it is white and beige. Then there are a couple of fraying parts that annoy me. Very functional, and it would be neat if the TJ Maxx had another color.

Up Grand River I went to Farmington Road. And that is for another day.



miss alaineus said...

go 8 mile it's flatter. i have chugged up the GR a couple of times and the 8 mile ride is so much easier on the legs.

hope the scan comes out with no significant findings.


a corgi said...

glad you got the scan done, Mark! hoping the results come out good for it!

what an adventure to get there and as you waited for it!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It is your smile and your easy going demeanor :o)