Friday, August 21, 2009



I left something out of my last entry ... I wanted to mention how odd that I was girding up to be confronted by that cat and the nurses would later ask if I needed help walking the few steps that I had to go.

Don't know if this is a psych job, but I blamed that on minor fatigue from riding my bike. I never had thought about taking 8 mile road, because I lived closer to 7 mile, and would scoot up it to Grand River, then off to the races.

When I go places, it seems to be on the routes that I have always gone to them on. Even with the 'new' places since I have been back home. I go the same route, listening to David Byrne's hypnotic voice telling me 'same as it ever was' over and over.

Doesn't mean I won't try a new route to somewhere for the hell of it. And that is what this part of my Thursday journey was.


Before they were a way cool band, Tally Hall used to be one of my favourite places, like ever!! It was a part of Loehman's Square out in Farmington Hills. I don't know what it is called now, and I can only think of it as 'Tally Hall'. So let's tally ho, to Tally Hall.

I continued up Grand River to Farmington Road. Never you mind that my turn was Orchard Lake ... it obviously slipped my mind, thank you very much!! Had I went up thataway, then that would be the end of this part of the story!

Going past the Civic theater, I turned north unto Farmington Road. Half a mile down, there is a nice little down hill and a turn ... into a steady and steep up hill climb. Had to get off and walk my bike a portion. Not that I don't think I could have done it, but I didn't want to mess with finding the right gear ratio and break teeth on the cranks.

There were several more 'up and downs', and I had to cross the street. I guess they haven't found the need to put sidewalk on both sides of the street out here. Had to cross and go on the side that was against traffic at some point.

I was coasting down a hill and could see a footbridge ahead. What I couldn't see until I was nearly upon it, was two yellow poles sticking up to do what? I have never understood why they put poles on sidewalks in that position. I mean, is anyone really driving on the side walks or something?

At the speed I was going, it was all I could do to slow down and not totally wipe out. Yes Mandy, I fell. But truly it was a mild spill with no one head cracking anything. A motorist saw me take my spill and offered to help me out. But I dusted off and told him I was fine. And I was, save a little scrape on my left elbow, so now I have them on both elbows, like I was 9 or something. When I look at the discolorations from the last few years on my beautiful legs ...

I kept going north on Farmington until my 'herd drive' was stopped
at the 'T' that Farmington made with Walnut Lake Road. Of all the 'Lake Roads' I am familiar with, this was a new one. Taking a deep breath, I rationalized. Since I can't go north, and I don't want to go south, that left a choice of going east or west.

Further west was more unknown stuff. East it was! And a mile down was once more, Orchard Lake Road. Turning south, I headed back.

Out in Bloomfield Hills on Orchard Lake Road ... now who works at 14 mile and Orchard Lake?? The woman for whom the 'ex List' was begun, the reason that there was a redux with Mookie and Nebraska was in play. The reason that I came up with the 'darkhorse' concept, to make this something that made more sense to me, and allowed for my SFC to come into my life, Tee Jay.


Now, my man Joe Blessing is a cat who is caught up over his ex. But my thing with him, is that he should just know better. At seven months, he should be WELL over this chippie, and at the very list have some names on his 'depth chart' because the new season starts up soon, metaphorically as well as literally. Get over her, Joe. Get over Tina.

He had to go to a professional convention where he had to be in 'planetary proximity' with Tina. Now here I am in a similar although not as intimate a circumstance. I could have told myself that this was a sign, and it was a sign. A sign that I didn't know the where the hell I was going!!

And that included riding straight past where Tee Jay may have been working. I don't know her schedule and she could have been off, or gone home early. I don't know. But what I do know, is that stopping would have been to me, what passing was to Woody Hayes ...

See, in his football world, only three things could happen in his world when you pass the ball, and two of them were bad. In short, there was too much risk and not enough reward for him to do it. That is what worrying for about an ex has traditionally been for me.

We had a couple a dates, then her Mother spoke to me in a dream. Mookie Dee has sent me a few emails, and other than the first two, the others I have had no response for her. What more can you do with someone who by their actions have shown you that you mean less to them than the next episode of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'?

Pul-leeze. I didn't have anything to say to her, as I didn't have anything for Tee Jay. The only reason I would want my wife to have seen Nebraska as the 'upgrade at the position' wasn't simply out of my ego. I still had my hopes that she could help me communicate better with my ex and Skye, since I have done such a swimmingly good job at it.

Had it been about just showing her off, the I wouldn't have even have considered it. The best way to show someone you are over them, is to be over them. Waste not a thought over someone who has hurt you up.

My stopping by to check on Tee Jay would have more than likely ended less than satisfyingly. What was there to gain? Was I going to drop everything if somehow she had magically 'seen the light' and was ready to give us a shot? How did she fit into my new sensibilities? Oh, did I mention that my SFC has a CCW? Not that it means anything, but I am jus' sayin' it is only an hour flight to Metro Airport and that Astronaut lady showed how determined a military minded lady can be...

Sure, I could have said that this is a sign, and it was. A sign that I didn't know where I was!! Riding past where she worked was one of the easiest things I did that day. Went on to the TJ Maxx and while they didn't have what I was looking for, did score a nice pair of jeans, jeans shorts, two shoulder bags and six pair of socks all for under $45 bucks!

Now THAT was a 'shop-ortunity'! For real!!

NEXT: Finally, I get back into the fight in the round coming up!!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

You did score at the TJ, and glad you did not stop at the Tee Jay :o)

Beth said...

Yeah, I agree...what would have been the point? I hope you get your results soon that that everything is A-okay. Hugs, Beth