Thursday, July 16, 2009



i learned a proof in ring theory when it can be shown that 0+0 = 1. -Alaina

I would not doubt that you are measurably smarter than me ... in fact, that could EASILY be said about quite a few folks who visit me regularly. But that is okay, because the is one sure way to enhance one's reputation, and that is by the company you keep. A lot of why I used to post on certain message boards and started my journal, was so that I could link up with folks who would keep my mind jumping.

Back to the reading thing, some smart philosopher cat said of reading, that "Books are like a mirror. If an ass looks in you can't expect an angel to look out." I mean, when I would pull into the gas stations between Carolina and Tennessee, should I have been surprised by all the 'Guns and Ammo' -type magazines and the rebel flag memorabilia I'd find? Or should I have been in shock at the thinly veiled dislike that was shown for my prescence?

Part of why I think most of the possible crap things have missed me, from getting jumped by the ne'er do well cats on collection Friday evenings, or now by some of the shadowy figures that prowl the streets at the odd hours, is my 'sense' for some of the possible troubles that are 'up and about'.

Some of the stories that people have shared about themselves out here, I have been thisclose to myself. But I haven't been engulfed by anything, no matter how hard anything tries to get me.

A family of four died from carbon monoxide poisioning in the Metro last night. Something was emitting the odorless gas while they slept. The day before, nearly the same thing happened here. One of the boys mistakenly turned the eye of the oven to 'low' and the flame wasn't burning. It looked to be out but it wasn't lit. No one paid any mind to the alarm, thinking that instead it was the battery failing ... whatever.

Getting active, I got the hell up and inspected the area. No smoke and the indicator was for the co2. I looked at the range and though the oven was off, I hand checked the eyes on the range and discovered the problem.

I don't expect to here congrats or anything. You do what you know to do, when it is time to do it. CO2 is odorless, so I knew as long as the alarm was going, that I needed to check EVERYTHING that was emitting gas, before I woke everyone up. The stove was first up. No one has to pat me on the back ...


Of sorts. The theif was discovered. There was three of us awake, a friend of the teens, and another nephew. Because I heard an alarm, I did not secure my room. I stayed downstairs to make sure that the house cleared of the gas by turning on the central air. I figured if that didn't get the house fresh, I had better wake everyone up.

Did not go back to sleep. Showered and shaved and about 9 a.m., I went to get my paper and to stop at Mickey D's ... but ALL of my money was gone again!!

The theif had spoken that morning about purchasing some more gaming equipment ... he doesn't have a job or does anything to earn any money. He went off with his Grammy, and I called her straight away. She was running errands, and by lunch time, they came back to the house.

My nephew tried to refute my claims. Channeling my 'inner Joe Cortez', I was firm but fair. I simply told him what was FACT. The money was here when he was here, and gone when he was gone.

His Mom, my step sister came home mid afternoon. Uh, she used 'enhanced interrogation' and got the truth out of him. The big thing was that he took my day planner, with ALL my ID. I couldn't even get more money from the credit union, and the PICTURES were irreplaceable.

Pretty sure that there will be more fall out. I am going to push for his XBox, which to be sure was purchased with my loot. Won't make too big a stink of it though. Will for sure bring it up.


Long, I know. I guess I am 'off loading', because it starts to count on Monday. One focus, one destination. Getting rid of this 'miscellany' in my thoughts now so that I can be free to recieve the information I need make the next transition in my life.

I am not as 'violent' as my occasional references to fighting and beating someone up may make me seem. What it is though, harkens back to a philosophy that you make better decisions out of the mind of what you know best. By appropriating things to boxing, fighting, and military jargon, I can better figure out what I need to do (or could use metaphors the way the writers did for the show 'Joan of Arcadia'! Another totally great but all too-short lived show... the episode 'Touch Move' is on Syfy right now, and ...).

But in putting things in a frame that I can clearly see and understand, I trust myself more. With my nephew, I 'cut the ring off' and kept his 'back to the ropes' before I began to apply pressure. He wasn't going to be able to outthink me, and I would not step back to give him breathing space.

Like when me and the SFC were at the airport and she called out 'column left' and we turned in formation, we have way too much that will bind us together. Since this has ran over, I will save my gushing about what I have to look forward to for later...


a corgi said...

I'm thanking God, thank you Lord, that you found out who the thief was. I hadn't prayed a lot about it, Mark, but I had prayed some that you would either find the money you had "lost" before or that it would be discovered who might have taken it. I believe the Lord uses whatever circumstances to reveal things like this and the CO2 alarm going off was what was used this time, just like the guy who took my son's money here, with hubby losing his cell phone which triggered all the events that we could find where my son's money container had been put whichb was totally not where it was seen last which confirmed only one could do it, which confirmed only one could steal your money too. So sad it was a family member though because that's a bit more glad and thankful you found out who it was though. So hoping he does have to make restitution to you for the whole amount taken because he needs to make sure he doesn't continue down this life of crime, know what I mean???


Indigo said...

I have huge trust issues (most people know this about me) and I would of had a difficult time being controlled about the theif. You handled it well dear friend.

As for getting called to the rug for the comment you left as per previous post: I had a problem with someone being inconsiderate and claiming you were inane. I didn't make a big deal about it. But you took the time to leave a comment, that to me was out of consideration and respect. I get real defensive when someone earmarks a friend like that. (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

I'm so glad you found the culprit, Mark. Now you can proceed from that, and hopefully be a bit of a mentor to the young man.

You do not strike me as a violent or angry person whatsoever...definitely more of a gentle soul, who knows when to ratchet it up a notch. :D Hugs, Beth

miss alaineus said...

the kid stole and that was the wrong thing to do, it did not belong to him, you did the right thing by him by checking him and involving his family, what people may not realize is 'round here you can get shot for that kind of mess, rather he hear it from you, an adult who cares, then from the business end of a gun.

re the math thing, it was just in the nature of how some things could be proven different once you looked upon them with new eyes. it is a cool proof, if i can find it i will have tony scan it in for me. it was early and i met no malice, just trying to show an example of what is known abut a situation is not all there is to know sometimes, it is the situation that defines the answer.

glad you caught the mess with the stove too and ps that does make you a hero.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

An eventful night for sure. Glad you found the culprit.

As for not being violent, not sure man, you are a big guy and you scaried me :o)

Tawnya said...

I have issues with gas. We use it here,but it is not used a lot in Florida.So, I try to be careful. You are a hero, you saved your family. I amso glad you caught the person that was stealing...

Celeste said...

You saved lives. Hopefully with this confrontation maybe, just maybe others will waken to the fact that the boy has a problem!