Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Big Mark 243 said...
Other than you use of the word 'metronome' (they go back and forth, not up and down), I find this article interesting.Things that concern me, is of course, the 'crisis', and I am not talking about the one in black and white that Silberman wrote about. Mid life. Is there more to your life than what you have?

Being comfortable, the 'safe and stable home', that many strive for yet it seems even fewer have. This applies to those who are your neighbors, with their middle class lawns, middle classly manicured and slightly expanding waist lines. The husbands waiting for either the football season to begin or for their baseball team to make that trade or fade out of contention.Wives, who dread that since it has been a week, that tonight she might have to deal with you 'huffin and puffin' on her for three or four minutes, after she has spent the day getting the a dent made in the pile of laundry that you and the kids have made, as well as getting something on the table, because at this point, there is no more 'value' in a value meal. She is stressed because at work, there is a new girl and she is messing up the social pecking order, because she is young and perky ... and the customers come in and gravitate to her in the office.She isn't 'cute' anymore, and you aren't making that any better. She has gone from a 8 to a 16, thanks to running behind you and the kids, watched her wardrobe devolve, and she has to now put up with you and your mid life crap.Welcome to adult hood!!

This is where you will be residing at for the next 29 -25 years until you start your mental decline, and the kids that you so lovingly doted on, play 'last tag' with who gets stuck with Dad, his medical treatments that his retirement and SS cover only 75% of the cost of keeping him bathed, cleaned and fed... oh, and not to mention the aggravation.As you can see, this was a thought provoking entry.


a corgi said...

you summed up life pretty well, Mark, in your comment on this man's blog (by the way, I checked out his blog; he's got some interesting things to say over there, don't agree with half of what he says, but that's okay; I'm going to follow him for a bit)

the little lady who is currently residing at our house has today off; they are going to go out and do something "fun" but within their budget. She said last night "so we're going to do this tomorrow, then I have to work again on Thursday/Friday". I said "that's life". And truly it is; we work, we live, we breathe, we spend time with family and loved ones, we get older, we watch our parents get sick/die, etc. Some have it better than others, some suffer through it all. Why one is blessed and one is not, I don't know. I don't have the answers for that nor even can begin to attempt to give the answers to that. For me, I'm comforted that this life is not all there is and that there is a better life for all eternity that awaits me; so I'll do the best I can here and be assured of something far greater forever :)

for me, its comforting and peaceful and fills me with joy; I know others won't think that way....

enjoy the day


DB said...

I find that fellow's writing very self-indulgent. If he wants to educate the young he should try being out where the knives and chains are.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Some mundane things in everyday life, but it is the special times like Detroit Trips and going to the Time Share that make it all worth living.