Friday, July 31, 2009



One of the things that the ENTIRE Prof. Gates flap did, was fire up my conspiracy theory instincts ... WHAT are the folks in power REALLY doing?

You mean to tell me, that they don't have more pressing details to attend to, than some freakin' 'Beer Summit' between two guys who can't be any further removed from impacting on the fate of the country than these cats??

No really, what IS going on around here? Because from where I sit, the REAL debate is no longer about something as fickle as race, but of class. Not of your skin color or religion, but of econmic power and influence.

The debate I would have with the Fly Skimmie went as follows: like Prof. Gates, she has a little cash and some letters behind her name. Something happens to her, she may have to write some checks, have her ego bruised, and be inconvenienced. But me?!? Do you want to know what could happen to a cat like me??

Anything else in this flap is window dressing. The substance to the matter was that this was someone who had some heat, and he got treated like he was a reg'lar cat. Big whoop. I still remember the falling out with teenage Jan when our darling brother and cousin was followed home by the police ... why help them out, when they are going to do stuff ANYWAY.

Besides, I witnessed that it doesn't get any easier for whites in rural areas. Might get a few less truncheon swings, but that is about it. Police brutalization is still police brutalization.

Do not think for one moment that I could expect Mayor Bing to have a sitdown at Flood's where we get over problems with the occupation, oops, police force. No one gives a crap.

There are fewer rich folks than there are not rich folks. There are more poor folks than there are other folks combined. THAT is the problem, and it gets overlooked by crap like this.

After my rant, I am like so done with it. The issues that I want to see addressed, I think would eliminate most of what contributed to this flare up. Like super punk, Glen Beck.


I have tried to watch his show on Fox a few times. I think he gets a little incoherent, as I do at times, but I have extenuating circumstances. I wonder what is his problem?

Cats like him, Rush, W., and the Sith Lord Dick Cheney ... I insult them for the a reason similiar to why I will NEVER forgive my theiving nephew. Because when the time comes for you to answer a call, what did you do?

My nephew heard the CO 2 alarm ... AND WENT TO BED. Then he stole from me. Right.

The aforementioned conservative war mongers, when it was THEIR TURN to do what they will send YOUR SONS, DAUGHTERS, AND LOVED ONES to do, where the hell were they? Shamming off Nasty Girl duty and getting deferrments until the fighting stopped.

Look, I didn't have to go anywhere. It wasn't my only option upon graduation of high school. But it was a very good option, because I wanted to be of service to my country. I knew then, as I know now, that I loved America, and that I would never be able to show my appreciation for this land.

Were the leaders, the designers of the US strategy in Iraq familiar with service, I would gripe less about it. But that they RAN from the job that they would send YOUR LOVED ONES to do, bites big time.

It really does.

Racism, predjudice, sexism, and all of those things, ain't going to go nowhere. But it will get solved a lot sooner than the problems of opportunity, nepotism and cronyism that the elite classes (in a newspeak twist, the elite ruling class comprises of less than what, 3-4% of the total population? So when you hear 'elite' affixed to anything, who the hell are they talking about? They ain't no elites around here!!) use to keep everything to themselves. THAT, IMO, is where the problem really lies.

After eating a couple of Whopper juniors, drinking some grape Faygo, I could really care less about what some rich colored guy and some decently paid, but possibly questionable character for some campus police dept., at one of the world's best universities are doing.

Someone wants to do me a favour? Send me the $1000 bucks I need to get to Va., without straining my SFC out? Give me a scholarship to go to school ... I will figure out how to get books, pay for my classes. Who cares that the President had to sit in on two unapologetic buttheads (because neither said 'sorry' or back down from their view points of the incident. Did the White House really need to be the venue for that kind of stupid stuff? Couldn't they sat next to Norm and Herb and figure that crap out??)??

I know I don't. I care about what I mentioned. Because like I told the Skimmie, if have to be 'racially profiled', I wish they got my rich, best side! Not my broke, in need of assistance one!!

Anywho, hope y'all enjoy the weekend!!


Beth said...

That word..."elite." That's been a thorn in my side ever since it started being mentioned. The liberal elite. The East and West coast elites. The New York elite. As far as I can tell, the "elite" are anyone who doesn't agree with them, anyone who has an education, and anyone who has a good vocabulary. I guess that makes me a member of the Midwest elite! And not part of "real America." Grrrr.

Have a superb weekend, my friend. When do you depart for that elite East coast again? ;) Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

If we let ourselves, much to be angry about. Instead, I choose to relax and enjoy the summer. Have a great summer friend :o)

Anonymous said...

I kind of feel like in the Gates thing it was just two assholes behaving badly.

Gates overreacted to a cop who was trying to get a handle on the situation he just walked in on, and the cop overreacted to a jerk who overreacted.

The people I blame the most are the cops who came on the scene later, who *should* have calmed everyone down- but didn't.

miss alaineus said...

eff the elite. i got my own fish to fry. the elite write a check to cornerstone schools and feel like they are making a difference in the education of the youth of detroit.

the elite need to do what they can and make sure all children can get a decent PUBLIC education, and if that includes making vouchers and true school choice a reality, then it needs to happen with a quickness.

but that would require real work, like rolling up sleeves and breaking a sweat and actually doing something besides writing a check.

and that tells me i better not hold my breath because only actual effort = actual results = social change worth writing home about


Anonymous said...

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