Friday, April 10, 2009



Sometimes, reading other journal's, other lives, make me reflect on my own.

At once I am surprised and not, at what I find similiar to events that I am living through. Knowing and accepting that there are other people who live through this, live through worse, and come out on the other end like Andy Dufrense, is part of what keeps me hopeful.

Then, there is the season ... this rebirth was for a purpose. No matter what your faith is, the idea of forgiveness is universal and knows no limits. I think that people don't give themselves enough slack, which is why they aren't able to turn things around in their lives.

Yes, I am one of those endlessly bright side people, but I do have my limits. My hometown has certainly tested them, and the effect it has on me is indirect, but makes a difference in the quality of my life. Being broke in Greensboro is not the same kind of being broke here.

Hope she doesn't mind, but Alaina is going through some changes that I happen to know of, because I am sure what happens to the DPS has some fallout on her. The most recent superintendent said much the same thing as the state appointed cat is saying and he is acting on it.

The meet they had regarding the changes was attended like the meet on the show 'Parks & Rec' (ooh, that is a future post! that and 'better off ted'!). It is difficult to imagine there being too much outrage with only twenty-thirty parents showing up to hear about what direction the CITY SCHOOLS are going in.

What are you going to do? I try to keep from thinking about what is happening to Detroit, because it doesn't bode well for what MAY happen to Detroit (article tomorrow at the library Beth & Ken!!).

"Re-engineered life - move and work out of your passion." - ME!!

I just thought of that. I am not a big believer in pity, because I was born an American in the latter part of the 20th century. Like most things that happen to my benefit that I had no real say in the matter, I will take it!

What ever 'almost could have' happened in my life, didn't. And I am none the worse for wear, at having avoided falling in one of the precarious valleys that are a part of life. I have had my bumps and bruises, some lows, but I still come up smiling, glad that I am able to come up and get one more shot at things.

The Rentals song, 'Friends of P', is a tune I identify with, because sometimes I feel like that ... no, MOST of the time, that is how I feel. Because that is something that is part of my 'standard equipment', enabling me to care about people who don't like me (which is why I had to stop trying to hate my ex wife), or take on stuff that others feel are bad ideas (again, why does this 'ex-list' make such sense to me? That is a 'boots' subject!), that are going to be good experiences for me. After all, I know that 'I'm a good guy for a gal ... and I got time for a chat!'


Discussions on the opposite sex, has taken up a lot of my thoughts 'here', but I wonder how much it really adds up to? Any way, relationships aren't rocket science, because in rocket science you have a shot at solving the problem!! With relationships, there is an amout of sheer luck that has to be present.

But what 'stand around' folks don't understand is, luck is the residue of effort, the consequence of intent. 'Competitive luck' could be said helped the Steeler's win the Super Bowl. Two of their biggest plays, the interception return for a touchdown, and the game winning catch were as unlikely a pair of plays as you would see EVER, let alone in a big game like that. But they kept at it, and it was as if the 'football gods' shined upon them.

Look, whatever you want to call it, whether you think it is random chance or not, it acts when YOU ACT. And it also acts out of the feelings and emotions in you. If you ever wonder why you keep getting crap, ask yourself how many times to you say to yourself that 'only a crap person would want my crap self.' Didn't Romeo Void sing about that ... about two people being together, 'as ugly as sin ... but he has her and she has him!'

So if they could find and have each other, then what about a cat like me? So I put all that whiny, boo-hoo stuff to bed, with all the other negative stuff. It seems to me that the people who have the things they want in their lives, THINK about the good things that they want.

That is why when AKA was feeling down, I at first got a little pissed. I can't believe in this land, this LIFE of beauty and abundance, with all that was at her disposal, she wanted to let things overwhelm her. Les Brown, motivational speaker, told a story about a man who was locked in a freezer and when the door slammed shut behind him, thought he was locked in, and he froze to death.

But the freezer door wasn't locked, but merely shut. Had he chosen to pound vigoursly on the door, he himself may have opened it up! But he didn't, he resigned himself to being locked in, and perished.

If you can get back up, then do it. Unless you are like Fransico Figuerora (the cat I posted the earlier this week who got HIT ... OOH-WEE!), you are likely able to get up. And when you do, let your character come out. If you think crap of yourself, then that is what you can expect. That stuff isn't something I can stand, which is why I couldn't let her feel sorry for herself. I had to do something, because even with ME being knocked down (but I get up again, you never gonna keep me down!!), I am going to get up, and if I am up, it is to pull someone else up with me.

There are some women that are unrealistically contradictory, in their wants and their desires in a partner. They are that way when it comes to themselves and their own lives and aspirations. If I said it once, I have said it a thousand times ... THIS AND THAT IS NOT RELATED!

You can have 'this' but you won't get 'that'. Makes it easy on me, because I know who is a 'maybe baby' and who is a 'choose her, loser'. But my time is up and I have to run. Will pick up on this, later gator!


Beth said...

Chumbawamba! :D

Monica said...

I'm watching my daughter go through the dating thing and it's gut wrenching for me to watch. Sometimes I want to slap her and ask her what is she thinking! Usually when she ignores a potentially good guy for one of those "Ken" type guys. Sorry - I'm just frustrated with her.

Enjoyed reading your post.


DB said...

Being knocked down and picking oneself up again seems to be the dance of life. DB