Thursday, August 28, 2008



The retired CSM that spoke, Michelle Jones was SMOKIN'!

Not just because she is a very attractive lady, but because she brought intensity to the stage.  That is one of the things about the Non-Com Officers ... they don't mind displaying the chip on their shoulder and daring you to knock it off!

Rep. Pat Murphy was a stud in his on right.  The story he told of being in Iraq, dealing with the oppressive heat and riding in a humvee with NO DOORS, having to face the, "Sir, what are we doing here?" question from a troop was very good.  I know that the Reps will have their share of vets for their dog and pony show next week, still I think the Dems did a excellent job with their choices.

The said that President Clinton did his own thing ... why wouldn't he?  He is an excellent speechwriter, and prolly is WAY smarter than anyone who was trying to write one for him ... you don't just go from Hope, Arkansas to Oxford by being lucky!

Am I the only one who saw how Hillary looked at him while he spoke?  Does anyone STILL doubt that she is STILL in love with him?


I had heard the song 'Radiation Vibe' by the Fountains of Wayne and got their first cd.  Their second somehow slipped by me, because it wasn't until I read a year end review saying that it was the best album, that I went and picked it up.

Was in Carolina, and my roomies were gone ... visiting family?  Anywho, I started playing that cd in the early afternoon and it wasn't until at least 11 pm that I took it out.

Whatever it was that came out of me that night, I didn't know was even in me.  It made me weep, the songs were so good.  I still to this day can't listen to 'Utopia Parkway' without a rush of feelings filling up inside.  I have half looked for the road, Utopia Parkway; will eventually google it.  Fought in New Jersey a few times and would ask if anyone ever heard of it.

No rush to find out where and what it is ... it is good being what it is in my head for me, right now.  A place where dreams are formed and chased ... and despite how unlikely it is for someone else, it remains as vivid and approachable to me, to become a reality.


"We keed, we keed!" 

Okay, I have never been to Nebraska.  Even when I was stationed in Kansas, never went.  Going to go mainly on faith and trust.

But I poke a little fun with it, after all, I didn't call 'em 'Cornhuskers' ... the way I understand it, they did it themselves!  But honestly, what do you expect to find when you come to Detroit? 

Just as there are more than cornfields in Nebraska, there is more than blight and a urban jungle in Detroit.  Thinking about the places I would show Nebraska (the person) when she comes, got me to consider where I would take her.

Because I don't want to over reach, I would stick to the basic, classic places that I know.  The Whitney, Mario's, or Chuck Muer's Merrieweather's are three that come to mind.  Good, fancy fine dining.

The entertainment part would be a little tricker, as I can only think of places OUTSIDE the city limits ... and these are places I haven't been in awhile myself.  Perhaps we'd run into my First Wife, who works in one of the casino's downtown (oh come on now, who hasn't wanted to run into an ex with their 'upgrade at the position'?) ...

... not like I have been planning a date here with her or anything ..!

But that is something I do, pick just a little at people.  Part of what 'fair play' is about is being able to take what you dish out.


Not going to kid.  I get lonely.  Very lonely.  My Best Niece really is a cool little lady ... speaking with KT and Lexxie reminds me of what I may have missed by not being more involved with them.

The problem with me being lonely, is that I think that all people send out an energy that is trying to find someone to bind themselves to.  This is something I feel comes from an open heart, especially when the desire to be a part of a relationship is great.

It takes discipline, not to go 'piegon hunting', and just find Miss Right Now.  Not to mention, that that is a callous knife that cuts two ways ... who's to say that I wouldn't be the target for some odd crap that a prospective birdie has in store for the wrong someone?

Hey, when life is trying to hit you with a sucker right hand ... DON'T LET IT ..!

(still, you never say never ..!)

Enjoy the Cocteau Twins!


luvrte66 said...

"oh come on now, who hasn't wanted to run into an ex with their 'upgrade at the position'?"

Mark...LOL! Oh how true it is!!

Don't know the song "Utopia Parkway," but love the title. I suspect your feelings about that song are similar to mine when I hear something like "Small Town." Sort of a pang, sort of bittersweet...hard to explain!

I hope you get your date with 'Braska in Detroit. Sounds like you know how to treat a lady. :)


malagutigrrl said...

huh I always thought "If I had a photograph of you" was by A Flock Of Seagulls...

And is there any doubt watching Bill watch Hillary the previous night that he is still madly in love with her?  

Is it a guy thing that makes them fool around.  I mean, I've known guys having affairs that would never dream of leaving their wives because they ADORE them.  I don't get it...

katerh99 said...

OK, fair enough!

buckoclown said...

Keep dreaming Mark :o)  But even most important, do not settle.

lv2trnscrb said...

Hilary is one classy woman who did stand behind Bill through thick and thin; it has to be love for sure!

drove through Nebraska on my way to DC years ago; its a nice state!! location is important, but who you are with is even more important, so I think you will enjoy Nebraska the state and Nebraska, the lady.