Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Carolina - State

At Ford Field ... I scored a $9 nose-bleed ticket! Got to the box-office at 9 am, and waited to be second in line.

Wasn't a rush ... ended up only being a total of four of us to get the early bird tickets ... but I have learned that it is the value that YOU place on things that should determine what you do ...

I wanted to get the ticket. Just to have the stub would be cool enough. To hang around, talk with people going to the game in the restaurants downtown, going into Ford Field will be fun.

Gonna stock up on souvenirs ... get a pennant for sure and a tee shirt ... program too. Put them up, so that I can put them on display when I get to my place ...

... in Nebraska.


St. Valentine's Day Massacre - My Awesome Mixtape

More than just a cool European Indie band ..! Most of my more recent music is on portable memory sticks that I don't get a chance to access at my Dad's house, and I am sooo very analog, which means I don't listen to most of it.

But I do have anywhere from 60 - 80 mixtapes that I have made over the years. I started doing it, creating tapes in order to run and train to. I think I have made one, maybe two tapes FOR someone, and NONE with someone in mind.

So even though there is some melancholy in them, it isn't purposeful. I have never been one to wallow in misery or self pity. The INFINITE SADNESS isn't something that I do, you know?

I like a lot of obscure music ... at least obscure in the sense that I have never heard them on the radio or anyone else talking about them. For instance, the tape that got 'stuck in my tape player', has this song by a band Skip Holiday, "Stand In Traffic", that is for me an upbeat song about a cat who doesn't know where he is going, only that it is going to be someplace good ... sorta like me!

The particular tape has a couple of other songs that I 'feel'. David Bowie's 'Friday On My Mind' is another song that I have always like, this is one of my Mom's songs.

Dire Straits have put out several good albums ... but Sultans of Swing for my money is one of the best songs like, EVER. Sometimes, I still feel like a little boy riding around in my Mom's Duster, thinking about how cool it was to be able to jam with your friends, doing something you liked even as it went against the grain.

I put 'That's Entertainment' by the Jam on after it, because the title seemed to convey what the 'Sultans' were about, giving the zoot suit crowd what they NEED to hear.

But 'Entertainment' is all about the irony of life. The day to day milling around that many people do. The constant day to day struggle of the working class, with their hopes and dreams, and the small joys that they find each and every day as they cope with the daily toil of city life.


... because it is going to be a theme for a bit, to keep my mind free from 'stupidity'.

And well, because I am filling out paper work and waiting for the bureacracy to do its thing, the 'stuff' that I have to do, really isn't something that is taxing. I have to remember the dates, make the dates then move on to the next thing.

My Dad is letting me save a couple of coin. He doesn't know I am going to bug out for Nebraska, but I will tell him next year. There isn't a rush, as when you move steadily towards a goal, time will go with you and when it is time, you are there!

Still call the hotel and ask if they need any banquet servers! Put in some apps at a couple of bookstores. Fingers are crossed!

So, next issue ... Vacation..!


luvrte66 said...

I liked the St. Valentine's Day Massacre song, although not crazy about the arrangement. Were you ever into the Dandy Warhols? I got into them a year or so ago, and I can't believe I never listened to their stuff before. I suspect you might like them.

Good luck with the bookstore apps! And looking forward to hearing about the vacation!


buckoclown said...

Hope you enjoy your time off.  Thanks for your comments on our vacation pictures and thoughts :o)

lv2trnscrb said...

nice that your dad is letting you save; I bet he will be glad to know that you have a dream/purpose and by him allowing you to save, it is helping you pursue that dream/purpose

good luck with the apps at the bookstores! it is getting that time of year people will start hiring for the holiday season, hard to imagine, but doable if you are looking for work!

can't wait to hear about vacation!

my son makes a lot of mixed tapes (CDs) too; he shares them with friends