Wednesday, August 20, 2008

... it has been a looong time ..!


She has been keeping me busy this week.  Having her here has really helped in plugging the hole in my heart by not being able to host KT.  She is a sweet and I just adore her.  I am going to miss her!


Haven't worked in awhile ... did I mention that AKA's Uncle is the Union vice-president ... AT LEAST?  Oh, haven't gotten to tell you that she got upset with me, not appreciating her use of the phrase, "I am going to let you do you", with me.

What does that mean, when someone tells you that?  I don't 'self-love', being in the 8% of males that don't.  So how I am to 'do' me?

I told her, you'll not get your 'street cred' from me, so if you think you know me ...

... then I got on a roll.

I told her that she makes my anxieties roil inside of me.  Can't really say 'why', because there are too many reasons.  I did mention that I feel that she is not honest with herself ...

And I do think that a person who isn't honest with themselves, isn't going to be honest with their emotions.  Never saying never, cause you know you just might, but she is on the outs.

This 'Ex-List' thing is complicated!

... no, I haven't ...

... seen or spoken to Tee Jay since our last conversation.  The thing about her calling me, is that she had to work hard to get my number, or was fortunate.  Even though we are all on a cell phone plan, my Pops keeps the house phone, which RARELY gets answered.

So that means she got lucky, or had to call and call to get a person.  Then it had to be someone who is reckless enough to have given out MY number ...

Don't rightly know what is going to happen ... I am sure that my heart will be out on my sleeve.  But I did tell her that I was looking to get it together, so that I can move to Nebraska ...


Why is it perfectly acceptable for a female to give a compliment about how attractive another female is, but if a guy does it, then you question his identity?

There is a back to school commercial for Circuit City where the young sales clerk is staring longingly at the pop songstress, Rihanna.  He reverie is interuppted by a young teen, who acknowledges that Rihanna's "... pretty hot."

If I said how I think Blair Underwood is a 'stud' or that Billy Zane is good looking, people will think something stupid.  I mean, what ..?

Ooh ... guilty pleasure ... "Bad Girls" on Logo. If anyone remembers "Prisoner, Cell Block H" ... that would bring you up to speed on things with "Bad Girls".

Ooh ... I ran 12.5 miles on Sunday ... took me two hours to do it, which means I am at 'Katie Holmes' marathon pace.  See, I reason if she could run one, then I better be able to do it!  That is my goal to best her time in the New York City marathon.  Haven't gotten on a scale, but I still am losing weight and/or tightening up ... my waist is trimmer, and my hips are what is holding up my pants!

... y'all have the best day ..!


luvrte66 said...

Glad to see you here--I mentioned to Ken last night that you hadn't posted for a couple of days. I'm happy it was because you were having fun with your niece!

I chuckled at your comment about how women can compliment other women, but men can't do the same for other men. I never thought about that, but that's really true, isn't it? That's another double standard that we could stand to lose.

All my best,

buckoclown said...

Sorry to hear that things are slow on the work front, hope it is not caused by the issues with you and AKA.  Sometimes things happen for a reason, at least you spent some quality time with your niece.  

Good job on the running front.  After the Olympics, I am hoping to get back into some type of routine :o)

malagutigrrl said...

I remember Cell Block H!   Man did you just bring back memories!!!! :D

lv2trnscrb said...

you go, Mark, with the marathon!! that was an awesome time for those 12.5 miles!!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed your time with your niece!!

that is a good question how a woman can compliment an attractive female, but a man can't do the same; I know I'll comment on a guy being good looking or a girl being good looking and my husband will agree or not agree but he rarely brings up the topic himself; which is really interesting because men are so much more visual than women; he'll often comment about a woman, what she might be wearing or a particular look of her and I would not have caught it (and his eyes aren't straying, maybe he's just more observant)

good you made an entry!! I was wondering what was up with you


rdautumnsage said...

I know I haven't commeted in a while hon. Your still in my thoughts. Glad to hear you had a great week with your niece. I'm coming in on the tale end of AKA and you having a falling out. One of the things I always tell myself is, there is a reason an ex is an ex. Sorry to hear things have been slow on the work front dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo