Friday, August 15, 2008

Accountablity Issue


I do really appreciate the comments left and the influence that they have had in my life.  You all have made quite an impression on me in your comments and in your own personal storise, that helps me to keep on pushing thru.

Gene Smithson, former coach of WSU (that's Wichita State Univ. for the great unwashed!) created one of the all time best sayings that I have used since I first heard it ... MTXE, whic stands for Mental Toughness eXtra Effort. Thinking that repeatedly in my head, helped keep me walking around downtown Motown to do what I need to do.

Also, another journalist, Betty over at Koda's Corgi Tales, who's pastor was on the cover of Time magazine this week (no, not trying to inject any religious dogma in here ... this isn't THAT journal), and she was kind enough to share him with me ... and the thing was, that when I saw him, my mind saw HER ...

... and I didn't want to let her down by being tired and not getting things done.  So I kept on, and I sit here with my mind clear, burdens a bit lighter.  Can look forward to having a good weekend ... I KNOW I will ..!


Tee Jay called.  Two hour phone conversation.  Haven't finished processing it yet.  Will have something next week about it.  Trust you me!


The cat who carried the flag for the US delegation at the Olympics was once a 'lost boy of Sudan'.  From there he goes to becoming an Olympic athelete and college student.  So you see, it really is about what kind of faith you have.  "The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory surmounting it."  -Epicurus

As you acknowledge that there are holes and crevices in life from which light does not escape, and there are doors that once you cross the threshold, you must like the shade of Dante, and "... abandon hope, ye that enter", if you can surmise what point I am making, then more than likely you ARE NOT at either of those dark places. 

Where ever it is you are, that isn't one of those kinds of places on a true, real sense, it means if you aren't desiring the best of possible outcomes in your life because of something, you need to GET OVER IT.  If a cat can go from the circle of darkness that is Sudan, then why can't I expect to be an assistant teacher in Nebraska?

Go ahead, tell me why ... I am here waiting ...


Though they are paired in the same 'divisions', there are differences between them, that I am noting to show that I haven't been dealing in cut outs of my self-delusion. 

Both Tee Jay and Mookie are urban girls ... but Tee Jay has quite an edge on 'competitive experience' when compared to Mookie Dee.  So should I run into an similiarly 'inexperienced' person, I can make the appropriate evaluation.

Pecan Sandie is a college grad, as is AKA.  But Pecan Sandie's issue, a mecurial temper, she was aware of before we met.  After she 'saw' my back story, she vowed to work on it ... and she did try, truth be told.  I should have stuck things out with her.  She was just before Tee Jay in my life, so as I got to Mookie, I felt that I had to endure a little before I called things over, you see?

AKA on the other hand ... what has me not really care for her family, isn't just that I think that they are mixed up, but because of HER.  Sitting over with her peeps, Mom and Dad, or the whole gang, the house is over crowded, with all the elephants, hippos, rhinocerese ( a way cool French electronica band!) are in the place too ...

Because they allow for this, I haven't made the investment necessary to find out anything about the zoo that is in the room with her.  She has observerd herself that I don't have any intentions of trying to 'save' her ... a novice swimmer should go after someone struggling in the water or they both may go down.  So, I don't feel AT ALL any remorse or guilt in regards to our relationship.  I stay up front with her and can't do no more than that.


Thanks again for the comments and the insights through your own journals.  I will pick up after I get enough loot to get me ... A LAPTOP!  Anywho, have the BEST WEEKEND EVER ..!


luvrte66 said...

I think sometimes you HAVE to consider family ties. If there are so many family issues, and the family of the person you're with turns out to be truly dysfunctional, that it spills over into your relationship, how can you not be wary of that?

I can come up with absolutely no reason you can't be an assistant teacher in Nebraska! Especially with your drive.

Have a great weekend, Mark.


toonguykc said...

I'd forgotten all about ol' Gene.  He was a hero in the early 80s in the part of the country where I grew up. (My sister still hasn't forgiven me for choosing KU over WSU)


csandhollow said...

you can do it.

thank you for your vert insightful email. it helped a great deal.

i agree with the comment about family, it does spill over.

buckoclown said...

How cool that you want to be an assistant teacher.  I think there are a lot of perspectives, thoughts, quotes, etc... that you can use to enlighten students with :o)

lisa41076 said...

Mark, you are getting a laptop too soon ?????? Yea soon we will both have one, wonder what kind is the best ? Hugs Lisa

lv2trnscrb said...

you know Mark, I missed that Time magazine; I knew he was on the cover but I couldn't find it; I need to go and look over at Barnes and Noble; lots of buzz about the event this weekend happening over there; I know I plan to be watching it on TV tomorrow night

thanks for your kind words!!!

I think you would make an excellent assistant teacher!!! I think anyone can do whatever they want to do if they are willing to work for it; and I've said this before with you; you are one goal-making and goal-setting person that has a plan and you carry it out; I can see you as an assistant teacher for sure :)

are you saying you won't be on until you get a laptop? I hope its soon then!!!

(if you happen to be on in the next few days, watch for a journal entry; I might have some interesting news; got to wait a day or two more to see how it plays out)