Wednesday, February 20, 2008

.. still sick ..!

Lake Champlain

Meredith Viera of  'The Today Show' is going to do a polar bear plunge for charity there later today.  With the Adirondacks in the background, it is just a beautiful looking place.

I have been up that way, fighting as both an amatuer and  professional ... I used to be envious of the folks who lived up that-a-way until I saw Stephen King's 'Storm of the Century' ... that cured me of the desire to live in small, isolated communities and gave me a greater appreciation of urban life!!

So, it is true ..!

At least for this February!  What a cold, cruel month!  I can't remember the last time I have 'felt' the weather as strongly as this month.  I had hoped to start really getting out and running hard this month, but obviously that didn't happen!  Not having a fight to get ready for takes away the urgency for me, for sure.  Looking at my log, I have managed to get outdoors to run only 6 times.  But I have taken the opportunity to work on the stability ball though, but being sick, my balance has been off ... which means I have been falling off the ball quite a bit!

Looking over some of my entries for this month, once I get over all the bad grammar and spelling mistakes, I see where it looked like Mookie finally got it, and just as quickly it seems as though she didn't.  For some, it is like, 'dude, don't YOU get it?  She isn't going to change! (okay, maybe for a lot of people, that is how it would be!) And that may be true, but hey, what are you gonna do ..?

No, seriously.  I am so like 'wow, here you are, living in a glass house and YOU'RE throwing stones?'  I don't have the temerity to tell someone about themselves, so I just smile and nod my head, trusting in my capacity to hold on to my thoughts, to my 'objective evaluation' of their thought process.

In my life's experience, I have found people quick with sharp words often haven't answered deeper questions about themselves.  They wallow in their own 'sea of doubts' and the only way they can alleviate the internal pressure that they feel, is to give harsh advice ... 'I am just trying to be a good friend' ... right ...

They can dish it out, but of course they can't take it.  That is one of the reasons I have sorta been glad of the way that I came through my life, though of course, a little more success would have made things even better.  From being picked on, to having to be obligated to stand up for those who can't stand for themselves, to finally being sort of an overdog,  I have a fuller understanding than I can be credited for.

Anyway, it isn't like I have taken 'the road less traveled' before ...


easteeleco said...

honestly, change is hard.  I have learned that even when we do ask for advice (not saying that you have), we are really just looking for a sounding board for what we've already decided to do.  Any disenting view is seen as "they just don't know the situation as well as I do" and we continue on the course we've set. I've come to realize that for people this is the process.  We cannot change others, but we can change ourselves.... and maybe that is what some of the trials are for.. so we can change ourselves.. either by learning to love someone inspite of how they are, or learning where our breaking point is.   Estela

lv2trnscrb said...

Mark, do hope you feel better soon!! up in Montana where I used to live, every January 1st they did a polar plunge into one of the lakes, too cold for me! I admire those that did because usually it was a fundraiser for some worthy cause

February is often a cold month, isn't it? people are ready for snow/cold to be over with and even though its a short month, if the weather is so miserable, it seems longer; the hope is spring really true is around the corner!

take care of yourself


rdautumnsage said...

Sometimes people not unlike myself....find it easier to help someone else along than deal with the puddle of their own lives. I'm a great thinker to quite a few people, yet my advice somehow falls....inches short of doing me any justice. It's the thinking if I can't do it, let me see if I can give someone else a hand up to get there instead...

What can I say I'm the oldest of 6 and took my lumps just to make sure they didn't. It's ingrained in my to do so even now. I can't help but want more for my friends, than what's on my own plate. (Hugs) Indigo