Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Linked Episodes (for me at least!)

Irony …

Guess what kind of Pop-Tats Mookie brought into the house yesterday ..?

Strawberry … unfrosted. Just sayin’ …


But is it really? I kind of think that Barack Obmama’s cribbing someone else’s words with out is is definitely a blemish on his candidacy. But Miss America wakes up with morning breath just like we all do. Still, I wonder how this is going to play out. See, I got the feeling that the Democrats want to field a viable candidate so badly, that there may not be a big to do about this. Even if the Clinton machine goes after Obama, it will pale to the Republican attacks.

For instance, I am still at a loss at how folks believed the smear done on McCain and Kerry.  Remember, duty under fire was be smeared by the machine that put Bush in office. Both McCain and Kerry saw action, and Bush manage to screw up duty on the home front. People that can do that kind of thing won’t be kind to Obama, especially if what I suspect about McCain is true, that he sold his principals to gain a shot at the presidency.

Being Sick

Glad I called the pharmacist. Seems like there are decongestants in everything in this house, and I am not suppose to take them. I think that I am doing alright, considering that this is feeding into a HUGE insecurity for me.

Now follow a little close here … cause I am going somewhere else first. I don’t think I will be able to catch up on all the alerts, but I did happen to open one yesterday. Since I have gotten permission, I won’t say who’s it was, but she is a fine writer, and her story yesterday touched me.

She owns a working dog that survived hurricane Katrina. She and the dogs are good friends and going by the words she used to describe their relationship, they complete one another. Apparently they were out in the world and a storm came through their town. The journalist noticed the behavior of her friend, and settled her down and got her to a place she can relax.

That is what good friends do. It stopped being about the trip out and started being about helping a friend in need. See, though I have spent most of my adult life being the ‘road team’, this is my first time ‘shackin’.

There are reasons that this provincial town was in my rear view, but at first Mookie made up for the shortcomings. Then something happened, and I haven’t been able to figure it out. Right now, I don’t even know how to stop a nose bleed! (consider, as a child, my Mom was around … growing older, a trainer always did it ..!) So I am really not expecting Mookie to do anything, as whenever the role was reversed, no one had to remind me to do something, even if it wasn’t the right things.

Sometimes it is just as simple as a cold compress and a back rub. Right thing, wrong thing, the WORST thing is to do nothing.


First, apologies around to anyone who receives alerts to this mess of mine. I was really out of sorts, and I guess it showed!

‘Leadership’ has been on my mind recently, and you can find it on display so clearly in sports. The emotional mix makes it one of the best places you can find out what men tick. Camile Paglia once said, ‘The first woman president will understand football.’ And there is an important distinction between baseball and football and how it relates to a man psyche.

Hockey is right up there too, along with boxing, with being a general litmus test for what makes a man just that. Henrik Zetterberg for the Red Wings displayed the traits that I think Drew Nietzel lacks for State basketball.

Though the Avalanche aren’t an ‘Original Six’ team, they may as well be the ‘Original Seven’ consider the rivalry they have with the Wings. Playing on the road, and slumping, the Wings needed to play ‘big’ last night in Denver.

In the first period, some lug for the Avalanche laid the best player in hockey, the Red Wings Nick Lindstorm OUT for the game. No other sport has the unwritten ‘retribution rule’ etched as fierce as it is in hockey. You go after one of the other team’s star player, someone WILL come after you.

It seemed to spark the Wings after they beat up on the cat. Then Henrik Zetterberg, who is a ‘lover, not a fighter’ as a hockey player, scored a goal, had an assist and got in the middle of a scrum!

Almost a ‘Gordie Howe’ hat trick … and he played for the Wings! Good to seem some things don’t change, just the names of the folks doing the thing!

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lv2trnscrb said...

I know whose journal you are talking about with the dog; that was a beautifully written entry and a woman who obviously loves her dog very much! I was very touched reading that myself.

good thing you did talk to the pharmacist and was advised to stay away from those decongestants

do take care of yourself, Mark; alerts are good to just delete every once in awhile and start afresh; people get so wrapped up in them, but I learned about my 15 months of being away from journals that when I came back, things were pretty much the same. never feel obligated by them; it can weigh a person down