Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just being ...


...VEGAS ..!  It has been a long while since I have been to Las Vegas ... maybe sometime in '97 I think.  Watching these cats ride the slingshot thingy on the top of the hotel ... how exhilerating that has to be ... I know I would pee my pants, but hey, I would have a change somewhere!

Even though the guys lost, I understand about the one cat not waking the others up after their late night.  That isn't what a teammate does.  I think he was trying to sabotage things, and in the end, the cat that didn't wake the other twoup not only didn't lose the most weight, he didn't have the guts to be a complete snake.

I like the exercises that they were doing.  I wish that I had a partner to help with some of them.  I especially like the one where the partner sits facing the other, holding the standing cat's calves and they 'sit down and stand up'.  That along with leg throws are some good old fashioned work.

When the one cat was getting chewed by Jillian for his wussy punching on the bag ... yes, I too have been there ... EVERY fighter ever has been there!

SECOND PLACE ... STEAK KNIVES ..!(what, y'all ain't never seen 'Glengarry Glenross ..? Alec Baldwin's cameo ..? aw fer chrissakes ..!)

My BIG IDEA is the Cadillac STS in that scene!  Anyway, it is still beyond language, and I am not too sure if I even need to 'say it'.  The claiming part of this, that I am going to leave Mookie, is done.  The details and stuff isn't words as much as it is action.  Do I know what I am doing?  Well, I better hope so, cause I am doing it!


If she didn't use her friends actual names ... that is the unreal part of all this.  It is going to be interesting to see where the show goes from here.  I have said before that part of my journaling is to 'connect' with someone.  I did hook up with some Moz fans during my salad days as a fighter in Vegas, of all places.

If I could still drive, I wouldn't mind riding to see someone.  I liked driving, my best sister could tell you that.  Jump in my little Z car, put some Chuck Berry in the sound system, and down the highway I would go!

The segment with the girl who was the actress, when the teacher said she had 'pretty girl syndrome' was interesting.  Girls, women, they seem to be burdened by those expectations, and constantly measure themselves by these impossible images that are put before them.  Anyway, I think it is a decent show, and I will give it a chance, if I can remember it ... still hoping I don't miss the next 'Eli Stone' ..!

... if ever someone needed a dvr ..!

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rdautumnsage said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting hon. I've been reading along when I get a chance. Life has been so "controversial" is the only word that covers everything. Hopefully I'm back in the swing of things now. Jillian kicks ass with her training....She's absolutely fierce. The snake was getting a little too hyped up on himself, glad to see he saved some class for the end.(Hugs) Indigo