Thursday, February 21, 2008

...almost back at 'em ..!

There aren't too many CD's of mine I would offer up for 'general listening' uses, but this one, is one that I sincerely think anyone could enjoy.  It is that lazy spring Saturday music that you hold your honey's hand to and looking into the clear sky and see eternity ...


It went well.  I got to say my piece and the conversation about Justice Thomas was a healthy one.  Again, as I can only speak about what I intimately know, forgive some of my broad generalizations ...

One of the reasons I wish that I had said something when he was going through his confirmation, was that I didn't think he was getting a fair deal by the black social leaders of the day.  You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, and I thought if they had tried to open a dialouge with Justice Thomas, maybe he would make a different kind of justice.

When you think outside of the orthodoxy, you find yourself removed from the rolls of being 'black' so to speak.  But much of what passes for 'black culture' seems to be cultivated right out of the legendary 'Willie Lynch letter', on how it is advised to create a system of social degridation that is self-perpetuating.

I think that it creates the first major divide within blacks as a social group - either you are ignorant to what is happening and you either support it enthusiastically or tacitly (can someone identify the postive imagery of 'Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins' for me ..?) or you become someone who is, for want of a better term, a self-hater.  And there are plenty of those around.

Not speaking my mind at the time, I took the cowardly way through ... sticking my head in the sand.  I don't agree with Justice Thomas interpretation of the law, much less his social side.  His book, well written, confirmed that.  I felt that we as black people, need to stop expecting that our values are universal.  We all don't like fried chicken (no ... I DON'T ), and while I did my time as a professional athelete, I went to one of the three magnet high schools in Detroit ... I ALWAYS thought my education would get me further than my fists ...

'Kool-aid drinkers' ... I like that term.  We ALL don't think alike ... for instance, to count me as a vote for Obama would be a mistake, because I worry about his approach to Iraq ... and I wonder about McCain embracing of some of 'Dubya's' policies ... I prolly won't be sure of who I vote for until November ..!

Getting Back

I haven't gotten on the scale since Monday, but my clothes are fitting WAY looser.  I know a lot of that is because I haven't eaten (not a full meal since the Roast on Sunday) but it feels sooo good to have room in my jeans!  I would like to start running, but I am going to hold off for one more day ... don't want to relapse. 

I do have a camera attached to the computer, but I am actually self-conscious about pictures.  Maybe I will find the courage to put a picture up of myself ... it isn't that I think I am unattractive, but that I don't take good pictures.  That is how a man's ability to compartmentalize works ... I am good looking, but I don't take good pictures ... Whaa?

You would think that they both are one in the same, but in my mind they aren't.  Not only are they different, it would matter if you found ten people to say that it wasn't a difference ... that is what I think and I am going to stick to it!  Men are better at finding little handholds for their ego!  It makes me wonder some women and their fragile self-esteem ... ooh, that sounds like something that I am going to dwell upon for a bit ...


rdautumnsage said...

There isn't one picture on the web with my likeness....No, I'm not insecure. I just prefer someone to appreciate me for who I am, my thoughts, feelings....rather than be distracted by a likeness of me on my sidebar. The best part of the internet is I can have a conversation with a guy and discuss philosophy and have them listen, instead of being stuck with them lost staring at my breast....(Hugs) Indigo

lv2trnscrb said...

I never like any pictures of myself; you won't find one of me on my journal, LOL! I prefer to be the one taking the pictures :)

sounds like the book discussion was a good one!!

WTG on the pants fitting looser but do take care of yourself, giving yourself that extra day to recuperate before you start running again (geesh, I sound like a mom)