Sunday, December 30, 2007

Movie Afternoon


Smooth a** Cary Grant … the appropriately named sublime beauty, Grace Kelly … do they even make ‘em like that anymore?

You could make a case for Pierce Brosnan alright as having that kind of rakish charm. George Clooney? Maybe. Brad Pitt. Not so much. Denzel does have it, but not the roles to make it obvious.

As far as the beauty part goes, Vanessa Williams to be sure would qualify but like Denzel, the roles as lacking for her to have shown it. Julia Roberts? Puh-leeze!

Cary Grant (as John Brodie) : “What do you expect out of being so nice to me

Grace Kelly (Frances) : “Probably a lot more than you’re willing to offer

THAT’S HOW I WANT TO WRITE ..! Great lines! As for the redoubtable Mr. Brodie, I do think that I have the same skill set, but lacked in the discipline to be a true rake. Still, I would have loved to have a Frances …

… who would be my Grace Kelly?

Certainly not Mookie. She is a great girl, a truly fine person, and obviously special to me, as she stayed on my mind in exclusive company in my Parthenon of lost loves … a club whose membership has recently increased by one …

Ooh, got lost for a second … so I am looking for a Frances, a woman with spirit, smart and clever. But reckless enough to indulge my flights of fancy yet rooted enough to keep me from flying to near the sun. Ooh, I could see me an’ Nebraska tooling down the PCH …


… I am really not the one. A guy I used to work with, joked that, “… y’all didn’t hear? Mark failed ‘play well with others’, in kindergarten!” Prolly did too. I don’t take trespasses or personal affonts lightly, and if you want to go there, that is when you will know. I never say, “don’t go there.” It is a free country. Go where you like. Now, being able to come back, that is a different proposition entirely.

When people go all Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs on me, getting heated at being corrected or instructed by me, or dealing with a slight scolding, it is all I can do not to be ready to say, ‘it’s go time’, and get ready for a scrap. I AM not the one. Today, I had to remind lil’ Mook.

The computer we have has less than half the memory it needs to run efficiently. It isn’t mine, so I haven’t invested in getting it upgraded. Anyway, with all the music and photos on here, it runs like crap. Now that lil’ Mook has an IPOD, she has been download stuff, and it occupies the computer and the phone line for hours; her last download took 17 hours.

I scolded her about the computer. Hey, until I resign or am given an unconditional release, I am still going to parent. So she did an up and down, and her Mom asked her what was wrong … 1 count … 2 count … go up stairs and tell Mookie what the deal was. Did find a voice and the tone … after all, it IS cold out … don’t want to get my release just right now!

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