Saturday, December 8, 2007

Holding on ...

Listening to the George Duke/Jill Scott collaboration for the Tyler Perry movie, every word hits like a shot to the body, sapping my will to continue the fight. I would almost talk to Mookie about how I am feeling, but that would affect lil’ Mook’s night and I don’t want to be that selfish. Hopefully I will swallow whatever it is that I am feeling, do a little grocery shopping and go on with my life.

Eventually, I will find a job to add a little more money to my pocket. That would give me a better sense of being able to accomplish what I want to do with my life.  In doing some information gathering on my situation, I don't understand how it is that people can sit in such unsatisfying relationships?  Part of me wants to see how long I can go, three, four more years ... just so I can say I was in a relationship for that legnth of time. 

Tried to navigate the Omaha Herald website, but couldn't really get it going.  I wanted to check out what kind of jobs that I wouldn't be getting there should I make it that far west ... Don't know the neighborhoods ... but when has that stopped me from wandering around a city ..?

I wonder how much I would have to pay ..?  Between my child support and whatever expenses I would incur on a regular basis, I don't have much to spare.  Oh and furniture ... yeah, I guess it does look bad leaving it, but I couldn't afford to store it anywhere, and that was a part of my 'commitment cut' to this relationship ...  looking at the listings makes me smile ... I wonder what the 'Zoo area' is like ..?  If I can stay alone on the east side, I am sure that I can manage Omaha ..!

... but what about Chicago ..?  or even going back to Detroit ..? since you retacing footsteps, why not go to Carolina ..? 

... right now, we are thinking Omaha ... wonder what that word means ... gots to be a Native American word ... starting to ramble like I'm Lingstone Bramble ..!

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