Friday, July 16, 2004

Today ... is the day ...

... and so it begins.  I am going to start it today.  So I am here.  I am not uncertain, as much as I am very anxious.  My bud, Teach is in a jam, that I can't help him with.  AKA, has decided to make a move, since I told her that I am going to be leaving town, ne'er to return.  And I am hoping that I am beginning to find my way back to me.

I talkd of being lost since my Mom's death.  But while the grief is there, the underlying factor, is dealing with my family, my siblings.  We aren't exactly close, at least not me to them.  Most of their adolescent/teenage years, I spent away from home, seeming ne'er to return.  When I did, I don't know what anyone thought, as I arrive limping, kicked to the curb by My Delta Girl, and subsequent relations with three girl, the Champ's sister <Champ, from here on>, KaSue, and Pecan Sandie, that I blew up, in a regrettable fashion.

Oh, and my once-promising boxing career, that I have since destroyed completely.

Still, I did have a great chance at settling my life.  I returned to Detroit, and started working somewhere forgettable.  But my Mom, who was under the impression <as I think my siblings were as well> that I had some liquid assets.  They thought, 'he's a pro fighter, he fought on TV ... he has more cheddar than a box of Cheez-its!' 

Nothing, was further from the truth.

So I think that aggravated things and my Mother, struggling and with failing health, gave me the boot, along with my brother, <who I am going to call, after not speaking to him in, what ... 3 years?!?>.  He didn't leave when my Mom gave us papers for eviction, as they weren't filed or stamped, meaning they were just papers.

Rather than accepting them, and asking for further consideration, I left. I lived in Plymouth, then I had some 'finacial difficulties and my 'father' <parenthetical, cause he isn't my bio pops!> let me live in with his new fam, which I sorta grew up with.  Indeed, I left for the Army living with him ... Hmmm ... a trend that I have ignored, and will expound on later, seems so clear now.

My Mom passed in '00.  Man, that was depressing!  Between leaving for Plymouth, and her death, then losing a woman I had met and fell completely in love withas soon as I saw her, who seemed to be the best of everything in my eyes.  This is something that may or may not be revisited, as I am looking forward and not backward.  Though this is for public display, flashbacks are not included, and I have recently been made aware of, are not only erronous, but out of context.  What is with me?!?  It is almost as if I was not there living my own life!!

Anyway, you have to start somewhere.  My hopes and dreams come later.  Y'all take it easy greasy!! 



toonguykc said...

Losing a mom changes a body, anybody.  I haven't been the same since the ol' gal left me.  You've prompted me to change the "about me" part of my blog structure.  Gotta do that.


a corgi said...

wow, Mark, 5 years of blogging! where did the time go right?

"then losing a woman I had met and fell completely in love with as soon as I saw her"

is this woman still part of your life??


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I had no idea you had been blogging for five years. Congrats :o)