Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have been mainly trying to relax and get ready for school next week.  I did break down and take the bait and will be having cable installed this evening.  Cox Cable sent me a postcard that lets me get cable for a month free so I went for it.  But the main reason that I got it, to watch the epic kick-off to the college football season, the Michigan-Alabama game, I will miss some of it.  I am scheduled to work that Saturday night, so GO FIGURE.  I feel like I got all panicky and did not try out the plan that I would RATHER have attempted regarding watching football, to go over to my Anytime Fitness and workout and watch the game.

Now my job is not complex BUT it does keep me moving and hustling!  That has left me a little tired (but it is in a good way), and along with trying to get used to my New Balance Minimbus shoes.  I heard such good thing about going “bare foot” but it takes a lot out of a cat getting used to the style.

On my Face Book page I have started posting more about politics.  I am angry about the political landscape because the choices could not be starker between the GOP and the Democrats.  As much as I believe that deep down the parties are not that much different, THIS TIME that is not true.  I have a few sister-girls who I watch grow up, friends of the twins, who like to talk that “Rethug talk”, but I wonder how much self-loathing goes into their politics.  The smack talk Michelle Obama, the President, with hateful and disparaging remarks.  So I have decided to metaphorically “knuckle up” and be a lot more (relatively speaking) aggressive in my postings and comments.

Looking at presidential campaigns through history there have been a lot more incivility and decorum in the long past.  I am not bothered by all the “dog whistling” that is going on from the Rethugs as I am amazed at how minority people fall into the party based on the ambiguous morality that the right has appropriated and claimed as theirs.  That is only the start of the misinformation and that it is perpetuated by the heads of churches as well as the various pastors and reverends that lead individual churches with their bastardize interpretations of what scripture says.  The distort facts and charge every conversation with comments meant to anger and inflame their followers.

Understand:  There are some who will vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket based on a belief in the ticket that I can respect and authenticate.  You are a small business man or a six-figure wage earner and you would prefer to keep your hard-earned wages, I might not agree with you but I do understand.  But if you sit your fat a** on one of those mobility thingys paid for by Social Security or you have a college student on Pell Grants going to a local university, I am not feeling you.

In the African-American community it has long been held that you can be rich, born of generational wealth, and you will STILL be an n*gger (see Don King’s sample in NWA’s “N*ggas 4 Life” for your perusal).  So when the cretins hassled the latina that was trying to address the convention, a not-so insignificant part of me was like, “See, Latino’s, Asian’s and whoever else that has a shade to their skin, “you fools better recognize!”


I really, really like this song.  I only wish to be able to share it with a youngster and have them become as enraptured by it as I am!  This, along with Peter Fox’s “Alles Neu”, is in heavy rotation on my You Tube account. I like it because it really gets to what is at the depth of my current emotional and physical state. Being on my own allows me to live my life on my own terms and according to my personal philosophy without making any undue concessions that compromises my core beliefs or operational tenets.  This song sounds like how my spirit feels.

For instance, I have been continually impressed at the kindness and thoughtfulness of the natives here in “the Big O”.  Even among the others who have repatriated or are carpetbaggers has been nothing but the nicest of people.  Yesterday, I got a “secret admirer” phone number from someone in my building!  But I say this to remind you that I am always going to be at Def Con readiness level, because that is just the way I am.  Which is why when the cat came into Scooter’s and shouted “What’s up, punk” without the swagger of Harry Callahan, he himself admitted that he was going to continue to stare “off camera” (his friend was in a corner and hidden from view) so that the guy who is bigger than me knows that I am not talking to him and see that I am talking to someone else!

Now I am not going to claim that I would have “done” anything, but my inner Travis Bickle was DEFINITELY ready to ask him, “Are you talkin’ to me?”  My readiness to bellicosity is not something that should be underestimated.  It is not ever out of fear, save the acid drop that splashes in the heart whenever I am readying for ANYTHING, but that whatever it was that was seeded into me as a child, it is simply is a part of my nature.  I cannot say if I would have done anything had the insult been directed at me BUT if I were, I would have certainly found out!!

Anywho… we had a staff meeting and I made some great suggestions as to how to incentivize sales when it comes to membership.  My previous work experience had given me a leg up when talking about commissioned sales and my lack of bashfulness helped!  I would not benefit directly from whatever changes are made BUT it did score “brownie points” (which are best accrued and not spent) and showed that I was involved in the discussion. 

I know this post was kind of sort of random.  Mainly, I felt like writing down my thoughts and having a chance to sit down today, I was able to do just that!  Thanks for listening!!


Anonymous said...

I read that: minibus shoes. Opps.

Random? Like selter shaken & let loose, but I like it.

Ken Riches said...

You should get a commission if you bring someone in.