Saturday, July 14, 2012


 Finally!  The three of us went to the Henry Doorly Zoo.  It was a grand adventure even with most of the animals being a lot smarter than the humans, as they were mostly laying about and trying to chill!!
This is a tiger who was able to escape from being poached but lost a leg in the process.  He was one of several animals that the Zoo had rehabbed and given a new life to.  While I think that the animals would be better off in a preserve, the Zoo is much better than some of the other places like traveling circus or theme parks that house animals.

 The Scott Aquarium has undergone a renovation recently and it was simply amazing!  There is a tunnel where you can walk through the exhibit and the sea life floats above you, as this shark was doing when we were passing through!!

 Not only were there sharks in the Aquarium, but I could have sworn by the picture below, that there was a beautiful mermaids in the exhibit as well!!

When Flat Ruthie decided to post with the jellyfish, she was again mistaken for her cousin, "Flat Stanley".  I guess Omaha is like a "hub" for all the the "Flat Airlines"!!

We did get to see a cheetah go through some clicker drills with the trainers.  He was very active and seemed to be enjoying himself very much, but I think he would have enjoyed training more if he could get, "up close and personal" with the trainers!!

And though KT flew home, I still have a couple of more spots that I would like to take Flat Ruthie before she moves on... I have enjoyed her company and I really hope she has liked her stay as I have showing off Omaha!!


Ken Riches said...

Glad you had fun, sad that KT has left...

That corgi :) said...

cool with the zoo, Mark! I liked sharing it with you and KT and Flat Ruthie! I am sorry that KT went home, but I hope this visit was a great one for her that she'll want to return to see you sometime so very soon!


LceeL said...

Nice to see you getting out and about. But in the first picture you said "The three of us". I assume "The Three" you're referring to are you, KT and Flat Ruthie. So who are the other three in that picture?