Thursday, September 1, 2011



There are a lot of things that I don’t do well and the reason I know is because I try to do the things that I may think I don’t do well to make sure that I can’t do them!!  But one thing that I don’t do well but I have been known to attempt is automotive repair.

Before my life ‘officially’ fell into a recession, I use to drive a little BMW 323i.  It was used, like a ’96-7, and it was pretty loaded.  I felt fortunate to nab it because I was simply goofin’ around a BMW dealership and caught it the day it was traded in.  Now while it was before the dip had become chronic, I was puddle jumping around in Fraulien when the front brakes went poorly.

AKA and I were in our ambiguous friendship when I decided to try to replace the front pads myself.  I mean, I had watched my Dad do it often enough and I listen to ‘Click and Clack’ nearly every weekend on WUOM, so I figured some of that knowledge had to seep in through osmosis or something, right?  Well, I told her of my intention and she   said that she would help me.  She may be a hoarder, but she is Michigan educated and quite mechanically inclined, to be truthful.

One Saturday she came over with a floor jack and tools and this big book on the model and year of my car.  I don’t remember how long it took or how difficult it really was, but we ended up getting the pads on and it was done right!!  I remember feeling grimy and dirty because it was summertime and hot, but talk about feeling confident… there is few things like overcoming things you were not sure you could do and this was one of them for me.


I am really overdue for a post on my other blog but this kind of fit in with the theme of the challenge.  Today was a ‘run’ day for me and I really had no idea how hot it was outside.  It rained the other day and it was sorta of gloomy and a night where you could see fall from, the breeze was chilled, not quite cold but it no longer held the rush of warm air that it has had for most of the summer.  But that wasn’t how it felt today!

Taking off from the combo convenience store/gas station across the street from my building, I ran with the hope that I could take a minute of my ‘out’ time.  It was warm and I kept telling my quick-twitch muscles to ‘twitch’ and imagined myself picking up speed.  I do a lot of visualization and I ‘see’ myself moving as I will again.  But at the half-mile point, my legs started to fell a little heavy and my breathing started to labor.

Before anyone starts to admonish me, let’s get something straight… between my hockey, boxing, and Air Assault background (which included an military operation) I am used to being ‘a little uncomfortable’ when there is something between ‘point A’ and ‘point B’.  If there is anything that I don’t look forward to when it comes to being a personal trainer, it is going to be the effort that I anticipate having to make because a client won’t push themselves.  Pain, dontcha know, is weakness leaving the body!  Also, I have historically made a point of making sure that I get out into the heat on the hottest of days, and I will get out and make a run on the one of the coldest, if not the coldest day of the year.  What can I say, that is what I do!

Anywho, I had no idea of how hot it was as the transition from air conditioned apartment to a heated outdoors was expected.  I don’t know if it would have made a difference in how I ran but I am glad that I wasn’t aware of the temperature!  Once I got to the gym, I will admit to feeling a little lightheaded and I had to get myself together before I did my warm-up exercises.  One of the regs, a little brunette asked if I ran down today… she knows that I usually do so I thought the question a little odd.  I then asked her if she knew how hot it was out today… and she said it was 93 degrees out… NOW, at whatever time it was!!

Smiling, I told her that it was a good thing I did not know ‘cause I prolly (and yes, that IS how I pronounce the word ‘probably’!!) would not have made it to the gym today!!


But it doesn’t.  Come back tomorrow (or whenever you please) to find out why!!


Toon said...

I recently learned that if you have one heat stroke, it's much easier to have another one. Something about the body remembering how to shut down.

LceeL said...

One of the reasons I have taken up bicycle riding is to strengthen and condition my legs so as to be able to begin running - as well as lose weight. I'm still about 50 pounds over what I should be (180, maybe). And it's hard to run with 50 extra on your back, gut and butt.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Perhaps more biking this time of year. Looking forward to the follow on :o)