Wednesday, June 29, 2011



The band Yacht is one that reminds me of my time in the Metroplex with the SFC because I first heard their music working out at the gym I went to in Alexandria. Anytime Fitness franchises all have Sirrus Satellite radio but Alexandria has been the only one the let the members have access to the stations. Usually never crowded, it was almost always ghost-town empty in the early hours of the morning and I did not have to tune the station to some pop mix of the craptastic hits from the award show artists, but I was able to tune in stations that were more my liking, like the electro-indie college stuff that I like to roll with.

When I saw that they were doing a stripped-down rendering of a few of their songs, I wondered how they would come across without their electric musical instruments. But I am sure that if you decide to watch their performance, you would see that they certainly have musical chops. My favorite song of theirs, ‘Psychic City’, begins at the 13:40 mark of this performance. It is also my favorite performance of the band. The lead singer, Claire Evans, personality shines through as she has fun singing the song. But as magnetic as she is, she pales in comparison to Jackie Evancho.

You can see the video of ‘Psychic City’ here and if you want to check out ‘Dystopia’, here is the link to that video, courtesy  the Fashion Indie Love Affair site!


… but I do understand what beauty is when I hear it and her singing it is beautiful!

Each time I see her sing I still think I am watching an advanced form of CGI at work. She is such an adorable and petit jeune fils and her voice is of such maturation AND quality that it looks improbable that she is really doing the singing. As impressive as it is to watch a video of her performing, it has to be an awe-inspiring to listen to her in concert… and the intimacy of being in a cramped office must be an even more amazing experience. I mean, I can’t be the only person who finds it difficult to believe their eyes, even though she is RIGHT THERE, I would still find it unbelievable that she is capable of creating such a sound!

While I am far from being as cultured as Lou (and if you have read any of his fiction, his nuanced cultivation shows) is when it comes to music, I think I do have a definite appreciation for all kinds, including classical as well as jazz. I’d say I spend about two days a month either listening to KIOS for jazz or one of the music channels featuring jazz or the classic masterpieces. I don’t know if that is ‘enough’ but it is part of my identity and has been for as long as I remember. 

Anywho... next month, Michael Feldman is bringing his show, 'Whadya Know?' to town.  I will prolly go down to Scooter's and listen to the show from there.  I have thought about scraping together the $25 for a nosebleed ticket, but August is already going to be a big month... school starts and KT turns 15!  Last but certainly not least, the SFC's Father had heart surgery today, so my thoughts are with my girl.


LceeL said...

Thank you for the "cultured" attribution. I'm not so sure you're a slouch yourself - I think I can count on one finger of one hand the number of former fighters who would describe Jackie Evancho with the phrase "petit jeune fils". Cute kid, maybe. But not in French. No. You constantly surprise me - and sadden me, in a way, that a man of your obvious intelligence and talent didn't find a way to pursue teaching or writing or something that would have allowed you to use your MIND, rather than your fists. Your fists may be powerful - but your mind is twice so.

Toon said...

I stopped listening to Feldman years ago when every show sounded exactly like the one from the previous week. His folksy smugness started to rub me the wrong way.

Have Myelin? said...

Jackie Evancho does look like "an advanced form of CGI at work"! LOL