Saturday, June 11, 2011



There was some incredibly slanted show hosted by the incredibly creepy-looking Greta Van Susteren on Faux News in the evening.  I happened to catch a portion of the slanted view of marital transgressions by Democratic politicians while in line at the Pepperjax Grill in the Old Market.  Along with current whipping boy Sen. Anthony Weiner, shots taken at Bill Clinton, Gary Hart, JFK, and Democrats in general.  When the segment was focused on President Clinton, I turned to young man in line behind me and said how incredibly prejudiced the program was.  Sen. Henry Hyde, who led the committee investigating President Clinton during the Lewinsky affair, could have also been featured along with the rest of the gang.  He had an affair with a woman and destroyed her marriage.  He blamed his ‘youth’ for his lack of judgment, but he was in his 40’s when he had the affair.  The guy didn’t ‘get it’ and I wasn’t going to press the issue, as it was the rare moment where the bile of Faux News could not be contained inside of me and I had to vent some.  As much as I like Omaha, this thing that public places have with Faux News is mild irritant.

Anywho, I had a coupon for a bogo dinner deal.  Thinking about how cool it would have been to have had company faded quickly when I thought about how bonus it would be to have another dinner to look forward to on Saturday night!


The thing that does get me about ‘the Weiner Works’ is how he became so caught up on-line with these young women?  I mean, they are attractive in a real world sense (Do any of them look like Penelope Cruz?), but from my understanding, their relationships lacked the substance warranting the sending of racy photos and e-mail.  Not only that, he is married with to a beautiful woman (but as Sen. Hyde example shows that means diddly) but I can’t say the same about the congressman.  That he was doing his cheating (because of the emotional investment in his case, he can be considered as having ‘cheated’ on his wife) online… is a WTF kind of thing for me, along with his entering of a rehab facility.

The reason that I mentioned that I think the Congressman is rather homely and I wonder if he was awkward with women before he became a smarty pants awkward congressman?  Or maybe that it is his self esteem that makes him ‘a killer with the ladies’ in his own mind, if nowhere else?  I sort of see the internet as a place where people are caricatures of not only themselves, but of the person that they want to be.  So you have a phoniness that is at least twice removed from whoever a person online is actually in the analog world.

For instance, since Beth, Ken and Nebraska have seen and been around me, I have no real desire to take and post an on-line photo of myself.  The few pictures that I have taken of myself with my computer satisfy my need for self-promotion.  And when it comes to taking photos of my crotch… I think that is something that if a cat needs to use those kinds of pictures as a tool to get someone horizontal, then ‘game, they have not’!  But I will admit to maybe getting up the courage for a few nice photos to see if I would qualify for a spot on David’s blog!!


… Jill Scott can definitely ‘get it’!

There is a article in this month’s Ebony on her and it is kind of an update on what she has been up to.  From a divorce to movies and releasing a new album, she has been a busy young lady.  She has also lost 50 pounds and she looks really good!

Anywho, I guess I will start my next where I left off here… because I should be at a point where I get back into relationship stuff and what not!


LceeL said...

Ashley Graham, Jill Scott. Hmmmm. I like your taste in women.

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

Weiner is probably following his handler's (no pun intended) advice about seeking help in re-hab. That's why I quit Facebook long ago, not that I was getting those kinds of posts, but because it lends itself to bullshit. I can't even wrap my mind around Twitter. It is a sad reflection of our world I'm afraid. As a Democrat I am saddened by Weiner. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a non-partisan issue. Your example of Sen. Hyde (god, he was creepy) is a proof.

BTW, I love your "Faux" News. Did you originate that?

* Ashleigh * said...

Regardless of the Democrat or Republican notation, a cheater is a cheater! I didn't care what he stood for, he broke his marital vows REPEATEDLY. I have 0 respect for any man that does this.

I think you should watch "Red Eye" on Fox b/c that is up your ally. It's on at midnight/11p central? I love it and it's hosted by a guy who went to Berkeley.

Love Jill Scott's voice :D

Thomas said...

If it was just one errant tweet I could have forgiven it. The internet makes it really easy to do something stupid and really hard to un-do it. But Weiner apparently did it over and over over a long period of time, and that makes me question whether he has the judgement necessary for the job he holds.

Toon said...

Whenever I see Faux News on in a public place, I brazenly walk up and change it to CNN. Nobody's said a word to me.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I do not get the fascination with sharing photos.

Beth said...

This made me grin! :D