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Was fooling around earlier today (and prolly like I will be doing this evening) reading blogs and stumbled unto SB's journal. For the unintiated "SB" is short for the "Sarcastic Bastard", who is not to be confused with the "Jew Bastid" who defitively ran my boxing career into the ground. Noticing a particular new reader as a follower or as a 'hit and run Eileen' visitor is rare for me, as I've mentioned recently. I happened to follow back to his profile and check out some of his 'what's what' and HE listens and adores (because if you listened to them, especially in your teens, that was what you did, you ADORED them, in a Twilight Team Edward/Jacob kind of way) The Smiths and Morrissey!!

It has always been so freakin' rare for me to find someone who admits to either, and like following Diana Ross means you had to have love for the Supremes, you can't possibly love one without loving the other. It is a sacrilige.

His post on Bret Easton Ellis that I read is appearantly part of a larger story in his journal. Some of y'all already know that he has an interesting journal. Perhaps I will be able to find out more about him as well. If he likes Morrissey at least as much as I do, I am sure I will enjoy following him!!

The comment that I left on his entry was hopefully agreeing with the notion of the general suckitude of Bret Easton Ellis as a writer. I have always thought he was crap, first with 'Rules of Attraction' and then with 'Less Than Zero'. 'American Psycho' was truly a WTF kind of book. I distinctly remember two ex-wife/Fly Skimmie moments from reading '...Zero' and then '...Psycho'.

The latter story was one where I would call the Skimmie pretty much nightly telling her how vacous the main character, Patrick Bateman was. How souless and empty, a nihilistic Gordon Gecko-like character who in this interest destroyed random lives viscerally. She kept asking why I had to keep reading the book until it faux-Sartre ending. I told her I had to make sure it was as bad as I thought it was!!

'Zero' was read earlier but not interacted with outside of my own mind for a few years. It was a movie night (can't wait to have them on my lonely... I have watched some good ones!!) with the my ex and the girls. I am sure that our routine wasn't much different from many other folks with kids-- a couple for them and a couple for the grown ups. It ususally meant we'd have 4 movies and '1 film', because if I was going to watch the plop my then-wife called a movie, I would need a pallate clenser.

With her and ONLY her, I think that an arrogance of my culture was exuding and I am sure we had 'jumped the shark' by then. Anywho, she called herself trying to show off her sense of artistic value in film by picking up 'Zero'. She'd already had seen it and thought I would like it too, mistaking the books that were in my collection for a fandom of the stories. Not!

Anywho, like with most movie adaptations, liberties are taken in relating the story from print to film, and there were a few in that movie as well as my lack of sympathy for ANY of the characters. She was in tears at the end of it and she looked for her hubby to have had his heart wrenched as well. Uh, sorry. I was more emotionally committed to 'Roger Rabbit' than I was that film (which could have served as a kind of bio-pic for Robert Downey, couldn't it have??). There was a 'let me talk to you up close' conversation that followed, but talking about that is sorta boring.


...power of the people say, make a mircale "D" pump the lyrical!! That is one of my all-time favourite shout outs, from 'Bring the Noize' by Public Enemy. I liked rap way better when it scared BOTH white and black folks alike. There was a polarizing social function to not just rap but music in general that is sorely missing nowadays. That is very sad and that thought came to me from peeking out on Facebook today. Beth, who while on vacay, still manages to find stimulating subjects to post about. I read her links and often the comments and every blue moon I say something about what she shares. Today, there was a music link and there was a link to some glammed up, past her prime, coulda-been-a-tranny right wing pigeonette, squaking about a campaign to get Glen Beck on the Presidential ballot!!

I am not going to pick her a part, because this is actually more about me and, I don't pick on lesser people. They gotta do something stupid that directly affects me and then I may go off. But what happened is I started going through other videos that were in the sidebar of that video and I kept going until I found a video of Mike Wallace interviewing Ayn Rand. When I started watching it, bells started ringing inside my head. The voices, a young Mike Wallace and her accented but smooth English, were familiar. I don't want to make myself a liar, but I remember that there was SOMETHING other than finding the book 'Atlas Shrugged' in the basement of our new house in 48219 that made it appeal to me so.

My Mom used to say of one of my cousins that sometimes he would talk like he had some sense and you find yourself agreeing with him but give him 5 minutes of talking, and then you will be think 'What the HELL is he talking about!! And I was AGREEING with him!!' Watching the other segments of this interview and parts of one she had with Phil Donahue (since her rhetoric never varied, I prolly caught her on his show... dag, I miss 'The Donahue Show'), I was in the basement trying as hard as I can to understand what she was writing about with my pre-pubie mind. Now, from this perspective in life, I was quick to think of her in the same way that Momma thought of her nephew. Then, I was 'nudged' and I heard a voice say, 'remember, you thought she was right once, yourself.' And I did.


Now, I will go into why I don't think I want to be bothered with the pursuit of finding someone to be with. I mean now, really, do you think that YOU'D want to come home and potentially walk into your house and have a discussion about how the flimsy differences between the left and right and how there is no separation between the allegations levied against the DOJ's handling of the NBPP and how those on the right are all fired up than there were from the left's of W. Bush handling of the voter violations in his two Presidential election.

Maybe some of y'all (ooh, there are a couple or three, maybe four, ladies that would flat out have at me for some of this... and over a coffee, I'd give them a shot at me) who are ready to disagree with me as if they were Dan Akroyd debating Jane Curtin. Ralph Kramden to match wits with Alice. A dog chasing its tail. You get the picture. I have found a few people to have these quai-enlightend conversation with before. But as the it has gone with finding people to be my friend and to have came by that title without an altruism, they have been exceeding few of them found in my life. You know, I don't know if I am 'right' about anything. I only know that I think and therefore...


Sarcastic Bastard said...

HEY BACK BIG MARK! Thanks for the shout out, and you couldn't know this, but actually I'm a chick. Sarcastic Bitch just didn't have as nice a ring to it. Laugh.

I really DO love Morrissey and The Smiths. I have a lot of Morrissey t-shirts and two great posters of him in the landing of my house. Along with Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright, he is one of my favorite artists.

Hope your week is going well.



Aurora said...

I loved some of the Supreme's old music, and Diana Ross' later things too. What a voice, what a torch singer...'Touch Me In The Morning'...

I apologize that I can't say anything profound on your posts. I get lost and confused and so much is going on I don't know what to focus on.

Aside from that... never read the books you mentioned from Ellis.

Have a good Friday tomorrow - and Atlas Shrugged was the best economic/social/ predictor of this century. Every single thing she wrote almost 50 years ago has come true. Who is John Galt?

I loved The Fountainhead too...

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

Ditto on what Aurora said.

Don't give up on female friends. We actually make pretty good friends.

JOHN O'LEARY said...

Big Mark - Great blog. Glad I found it. Pretty diversified music taste!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

But without the discourse, is there any spice?