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It hasn’t ever been hard for me to leave Detroit. I have already covered the dysfunction in my family as I see it, so no need to go there again. Also my own growth as a person and confidence in myself remains undiminished from when I first set out on my own as 17-year old. Something out here in this world, in this reality, is waiting on me to give chase and get after it. Like the money Alec Baldwin implores the hard-luck real estate salesmen to chase in 'Glengarry Glen Ross', that is out there waiting for them, my ‘thing’ is still out there waiting on me. The next question is, am I going to get after it.

Growing up I never saw a place for me in Detroit. I didn’t think it was a simple case of feeling put upon or lack of opportunity as it was a calling. It shouted at me and was the staple of unconscious vision, always waking me up ‘somewhere else’. People that I looked at, whether it was a teacher, athlete, professional, or even many of the folks that I knew of my own association who toiled in some area of the auto industry always seemed to come from ‘somewhere else’. Also, much credit to my Mother who first laid the kindling that burns and powers the wanderlust in me, an influence that can’t be denied.

This time, it is a little different. Not only am I tough enough to make it here, there are actually PLACES that I can easily envision myself making a life for me in the area. There are TWO vacancies in Dearborn that would set me right up. Most of the major things of interest and convenience would be well within reach. The nearby community college folds into U of M – Dearborn, which would be cool enough. Also, I could host KT and Lexxie comfortably, not to mention being local enough for Skye to have an interest in a relationship.

Would so not mind aiding in helping my hometown get back on its feet again. It is something that I think about because it is as real as it can get for me. All the things that I want to go after would be right there for me. Set up camp, get into school in January and two years from now…


I miss my SFC, right? If you have to ask why, then you may not understand. But I will try to explain.

A lot of times folks use extremes in expressing how much one means to the other and people like to say things like “I’d kill/die for my children” for effect, without ever facing a circumstance to where they’d find themselves push to the ethical and moral extremes where that question would be asked of them… to die for someone, even metaphorically.

That is the kind of bond that we have, a bond forged of great sacrifice and commitment. Can’t say any more than that but the ‘Thelma and Louise’ comparison was pretty much dead on, except for…


Michael Hastings has been characterized as an ‘anti-war (which there should be of more in the civilian world) reporter for an anti-war magazine’ by some reports (from mostly conservative outlets). So how did he end up getting the dirt on Gen. McChrystal and doing for me what a government file on aliens would do for the Lone Gunmen?

I am going to try to tread lightly, but since I can’t logically provide a reason for why Hastings was stuck in Afghanistan, I am going to say it was an act of God. I can’t explain any other reason that the volcano in Iceland erupted, causing plane traffic to snarl and forcing the reporter to stick to the Lt. General and his crew like that. I will leave that debate for those who want to have it because the interview provided me with yet another glimpse of the workings of ‘those who sit above in shadow’.

The current strategy of counter insurgency (COIN) that is being adapted in Afghanistan was already tested out in Iraq by Gen. Petraeus. So it is of no coincidence to me that he was tabbed for the job. It makes sense to the masses that the General who was able to give the look of stability to Iraq would be able to do so in this case as well. As Gen. McChrystal’s commander, he is in the loop and already should know what is going in process of building the country, which is going to have to be done from scratch. Appalachia has more infrastructure than the Afghans, and that is a fact (and another point of contention with the lack of appeal Americans have for nation building, which is exactly what is going on over there and what is taking place in Iraq).

When I first heard that the Lt. General had opened mouth and inserted his foot, I had to chase down what he said and try to place in a context. Why would the man in charge of the war even have those things kicking around in his head? I know why the troops would and even some field commanders, but the GS? Reading the article I came up with a different take on his words.


The people on the left are looking for messianic figures, men of virtue, to accomplish for them what they were too selfish and self-absorb to make an effort of. They seem to me to want to believe in their ideals and see them embodied by someone who has the courage and conviction to follow those qualities to leadership.

On the right, people are looking for and more often get, figures who by hook or crook, scrap their way to a position by good old fashioned effort… never mind if they broke a few rules and engaged in some questionable activities along the way. Character isn’t as big an issue as the APPEARANCE of good character.

Whether or not Hastings was an anti-war cat from an anti-war organization, the description of the General as a young man, soldier and as a General officer left a lot to be desired. But they were all things that the blatantly hypocritical conservative or political right over look when it comes to their leaders. There are too many to list and to do so would be a major digression. But cats like Ted Haggard, Larry Craig and STROM EFF-ING THURMOND comes to mind, as does warmongers like Dick Cheney and George Bush who led an administration full of deferments and sneak arounds when it came to being drafted when it was their turn.

War is a continuation of policy by other means.”- Carl Von Clauswitz. But whose policy is it? Can’t say the policy of America as in ‘we the people…’. But if you consider the layer of government that is not beholden to the people, the government that essentially came up with the unread and prolly unreadable Patriot Act and the legislations that eased around the constitution and the misinformed public, that government, I get you. Might not comprehend you, but I get you. Because I do think that layer exists between the leaders of government representing the people and other 'interests' … so did John F. Kennedy.

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion. On subversion instead of election, on intimidation, instead of free choice. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combine military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations.” -JFK, speech in 1963

Do I seem like I am pulling crap out of my butt now? Or is there something to the something that I think I read and see in the news??

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I do not think there was a conspiracy. Just a reporter, who was fortunate to catch a General and staff off guard, but not off the record. He made a bad decision, and at his level, deserved to be canned.