Thursday, May 27, 2010



It IS going to be hot for the holidays and I hope that means huge crowds at the Movement Festival Downtown. I haven't been since I lucked into the first one and I have a DEMF tee that I've never worn to show for it.

Went for a long run today... somewhere btw six-and-a-half /more than seven miles... don't know for sure. What I do know is that it took a little more than 70 minutes to finish and my legs are sore! But it is that good kind of sore and that is something that when you first start out that people find hard to believe.

One of the things about exercise is that it allows me to compete with myself and grow by increments. Kind of like life... there aren't many true overnight transformations including the makeover shows. I don't care how many new clothes or how well built and furnished the house may be, the person who is going to wear the clothes and live in the house is still the same hot mess on the inside. That is going to determine the outcome of the makeover.

Losing weight is something that is done over time. Didn't catch all of the 'Biggest Loser' finale. Ol' Sunshine, one of the female contestants, looked HOT. No one looked fashion model small, but everyone I saw looked healthy and confident with themselves. Still, the show sets folks up for unreasonable expectations. The contestants end up losing a unsustainable amount of weight and judging from what happened to a past winner, the after show support may not be all that either.

Anywho, off the rip, I still set my goal to lose 2.5 lbs a week. I am sure that at the beginning of a committed workout routine, going from sedentary to active, weight loss may bring about fantastic numbers. Once your metabolism get wind of what you are trying to do and adjusts to your training, the weight loss will not be as dramatic. That is why it takes a routine to sustain the condition you would like to have.


Facebook is creeping me out. Mark Zuckerberg has a vision that includes having personal information on everyone who operates a computer and turning that information for a profit. I seem to recall a group of folks who were unhappy with Facebooks retention of personal information and devised a way to compeletly erase your identity from Facebook. Seems that once you are on, your information becomes FACEBOOK PROPERTY and if not then correct me, the courts upheld Zuckerberg's claim.

Not only do I want to not be troubled with my sister's and their pissings, I don't want them to know anything about my activities. But if you can't pull all the data off your profile, then that bothers me. That would mean it is already too late. I am personally uncomfortable with being 'found' not only by people from my past but by agencies with murky intentions.

As a cat who HAS been mistaken for folks and detained, I don't have any doubts about the potential injustices that can come from folks having the kind of information that is on my profile. I mean, not that it was a bad thing, my SFC found me after a couple of decades of not being able to find me. I LIKED that about me and my name. Now, I can be found and I am not sure that everyone who is looking for me is going to be my SFC...


...why won't you dance with me, I'm not no limburger! That header and the first header line is from the B52's song, 'Dance This Mess Around'. I remember that it captured the longing I felt as kid. It didn't seem right that I didn't easily fit into cliques or had anyone to confide in. But whenever I heard Kate & Fred singing this song, I still took from it the possiblity that I'd get my chance to '...go to parties and dance this mess around'! Though I don't think that many people went out of their way to mope to the 'bee five-two's', there may have been a few. If this was a song that they did feel that way with, again, it wasn't me.

Another song that may have been meant to be a moper is a Smiths song that prolly should have stayed at the number one spot. The song that replaced it, simply shouldn't have and never happened. Anywho, I hope everyone have a great weekend!!


Thomas said...

I deleted all of my profile information on Facebook, but the sidebar ads still referenced my favorite books. That tells me that the information wasn't *really* deleted. The final straw was when one of my links showed up on the CNN website (with my profile picture) even though I had made a point of opting out of that "service." At that point I thought the safest thing to do was just call it a day and delete the account.

If advertisers want to build a profile on me, they can read my blog just like everybody else. :)

LceeL said...

There's always the option of fictionalizing one's data on Facebook, right?

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It is a wired world, so you must be careful about what you post in FB, or Blogger, or anywhere else. No conspiracy, just facts.

That corgi :) said...

I deactivated my Facebook account after someone was able to find my home address using that and the little personal information I post on my blog. that was scary to me. personally I don't like Facebook, don't like people knowing all that about me, and like you said I don't want family members knowing this or that that is going on in my life. maybe I'm just paranoid, LOL

good for you with all the running Mark; I think that is a reasonable goal for weight loss especially in the early stages of the game


Huckdoll said...

Cool! I appreciate your exercise advice big time. Funny thing is, I started my big fitness and eating kick last week and lost exactly zero lbs which is so different from other diet/exercise periods in my lifetime where my body has done exactly what you mentioned here, "going from sedentary to active, weight loss may bring about fantastic numbers".

I totally expected a huge difference in weight today but I think it's different this time around. And the difference is good.

Love what you say about the instant transformations and it being the "same hot mess on the inside". Such fact. I mean, to go from almost solely working out and activity 8 hrs/day (Biggest Loser, etc.) to normal life is just not realistic unless it's your job. These shows are great inspiration to begin with but to be honest it's the real life people that are greater so.

Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

Good for you and your running. I used to run and it really makes a difference. In the past I ran two marathons, 4 half marathons, and countless 5 and 10k's. But the best runs were by myself. Slow runs where my mind would wander and I would work a lot of things out. I quit running about a year ago but I still walk 50 miles a month. Sore yes, but as you say a good sore.
Since I deleted my Facebook account, I have not had any regrets. I had people I barely remembered from high school "friending" me. Some, I didn't even remember until I looked them up in my old annual. Boy, 35 years really changes a person. I'm like you, I like flying under the radar of some corporate scam.
Take care and keep up the good work.