Wednesday, November 4, 2009



It started off rather slow ... but it started to catch hold of me when I convinced myself to overlook things ... bad science kind of makes me disinterested, you know. The show's special effects budget can only do so much.

I see they kept the female alien leader a brunette. I thought that was nice, and she looks more sinister than campy. Perhaps I am remembering the 'big hair' of the 80's and holding that against her.

Will have to put up with pronoun use, because I don't feel like checking and getting the names of the actors/actresses. The news guy that did the big interview is a familiar guy, and he is a good looking cat as well. I wonder where I remember him from?

One name that I do know, Morris Chestnut, is a good actor and I am glad to see a brother get some work!

I wonder how long before people begin to notice how eerily similar the plot is to real life? I mean you have this big Wesayso kind of corporation making all these big promises and only asking for a 'small token' in return for their help. After an initial reluctance, masses all fall in line and before you know it ...

It looks good enough for me to watch again.


It isn't any wonder why the aliens sneak in and infiltrate life here on Earth? I think they have us distracted now!

Will someone please explain to me how the races in New Jersey and here in Virginia speak for a rebuke of the Democrats and President Obama? Why doesn't it speak about how crap politicians finally get put out on the streets?

Gov. Corzine as rich as he may be, has been a polarizing figure for a good while in NJ. Couldn't it have been people got tired of him and the crap race he ran with all the attack ads? Chris Christie was a good federal prosecutor and stuck with the issues.

Here in Va. you had Bob McConnell who had the advantage of being a former office holder with a higher profile than his opponent Creigh Deeds. From what I understand, they way that they ran their campaigns made a big difference, too. From what I understand, McConnell downplayed some of his arch-conservative social views (and man, is he a right wing pigeon or what ..!) and focused on what people wanted to hear about. Jobs and the economy.

I don't know if Deeds made a wise choice by being reluctant to utilize the power of the White House in his efforts. If there was an election that spoke for the overall climate in politics today, it was the race for the 23rd District in New York. You had the Republican Party candidate being usurped by a far right candidate.

Seeing how many people got behind Doug Hoffman and the groups that were involved, I think the next social battleground is going to be fought in the realm of politics as fundamentalist Christian politicians run for office. The scary thing about it is two fold.

In the 'them v. us', both sides believe that they are representative of a unspoken for group. You have on the one side, a group that believes that their way of life is threatened and their core belief is not being represented. They are willing to get active and will force their way of thinking into legislation.

On the other, you have the apathy of those who don't understand why getting involved in politics should matter to them. This is why the magical 'Obama coalition' didn't show up and vote. Many of the cats and kittens that went to the polls during the Presidential election understood clearly what was at stake. In my mind, that is what cost Creigh Deeds and why overall the group of voters who were responsible for the historical election of President Obama did not show up here or in New Jersey for the Democrats.

That is where the Republicans and its social right wing have such a crucial advantage. They can get their constitiuents to the polls by speaking simply and directly to them. I don't see where the Democrats do that, and liberals are flat out a-holes. I resent them and their 'holier than thou' attitude. Instead of offering an alternative to something, they tend to look and act as if it is unbelievable that anyone could not agree with them or see through the wrongness of the alternative offerings.


New OnStar commercial uses Detroit as the location for one of its latest commercial, trumpeting its use as an auto recovery device. I don't see why they would want to do something like that. Seems like a good way to alienate your biggest fans, the people of Michigan, if you ask me.

Things are still nervy here. Enough about that ... for now.


That corgi :) said...

I didn't catch "V" Mark but I think over the weekend hubby was watching the old "V" series; looked interesting

hoping things start to look less nervy where you are at


Jonthy, Alice the uppity white cat's babysitter said...

Politicians and aliens. Perfect combination of topics, Mark. I voted for Obama and I agree with you about the apathy of liberal Democrats (and I consider myself a yellow-dog Democrat.)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I see the Independent Party becoming stronger and an alternative to the two extremes.

We did not watch V, felt the original was good, and a remake could not be as good, and we are trying not to get sucked into any more shows :o)

Jenny Dagle said...

I did not watch V...yet. I still might--I know I loved the original. It's hard enough to keep up with the shows I'm watching now though. I believe (from reading Entertainment Weekly) that the news guy is Scott Wolf, from Party of Five.

miss alaineus said...

we saw that onstar commercial last night- didnt it end where i-375 comes on to jefferson?


Mark and Elayne said...

I remember the old V series and believe it or not, didn't know there had been a remake.

As for the Governor's race, politices can be a funny thing. I live in a very liberal area, yet there the streets were littered with MacDonneel signs. My neighors who voted for and celebrated Mr.Obama's win last year, threw a election night party, celebrating the win of Mr. MacDonnell.

Huckdoll said...

You must be the 100th + person I've heard good things from about "V". Didn't catch it though ~ might have to change that!

Cathy said...

It's said that if you do or say nothing about the treacherous condition of this country, it means you're content with things as they are, the status quo goes on. I say, the more you complain w/o doing anything, the longer God will make you live. And you do something here, you speak up and share what you know, which probably surprises some folks who thought things would change, get better somehow (osmosis?) Now they're disaffected, betrayed, confused. When has this country reflected contentment of most citizens? When less politicians were around. Now we pay their enormous salaries just for the privilege of being shafted. Where will it all end, eh Mark?