Wednesday, October 21, 2009



As much as I liked her in the Sugar Cubes, like most divas who go it alone, I think that Bjork really grew as an artist on her own. She has made quite a decent career for herself, insane and obsessive stalker fans notwithstanding. She made a stir with some bird gown that she wore to an awards show, but that would be relatively tame compared to the muff shots we got of pop sensations recently.

I don't think that I have ever explained how 'it' works for me regarding music and associating it with a person. Rare has it ever been that a song stays linked to a person. Usually I have my feelings for the music before my feelings for a person comes into the picture.

Now that I think about it ... only one song has really made me think about a person and that was My Delta Girl in that love locked way, 'Deeper and Deeper' by Madonna. And I wonder if that was because of the snowstorm I was driving thru to get back to school! Wouldn't risk fumbling around to find a replacement tape for the cassette single (which I still have, thank you very much!) that was in the car stereo.

There isn't any person in mind for this song to have a special significance to me other than its sweeping beauty. The companion video is very imaginative, the idea of finding 'your book of life' and knowing that you were living the life that was meant for you and you alone. After all, that IS what we are all doing, dontcha know!! Authoring our life's story with each and every moment we breathe.

So for real, if you feel bad it is more of a creation of your own mind and you can control that. It comes down to you being aware and recognizing your own limitations. That is why when Flavor Flav rapped, "It was YOU who made your due ..." on the song 'I Can't Do Nuthin' For You, Man' by Public Enemy, I felt the lyrics were spot on.

Doing the math, it seemes that those who take charge of their lives and decides that they were going to go where they 'saw' themselves, were in a better position than those who simply 'talked about' where they wanted to go and what they wanted to be. Are the folks in the 'safe and stable homes' any better off than those who are going to be the backdrop of a Ridley Scott vision of future that is bleak and dark? I wouldn't know but I think I would rather 'be that' than 'be this' (see, I am tryin' to tol' ya ... 'this and that' isn't related!!), vulnerable and disconnected from an actuality that I imagine in my mind.

You could say that I 'found my big book deep in the ground'. Thing is, I found it a long time ago and that is what keeps me hopeful and vexes me at the same time. I have traveled to many of the places that I have ever hoped to have seen, places that when I was a little boy that I would spin the globe my Best Aunt had and go to in my mind.

I would follow the direction of the oceans and sit down and feel the crash of the ocean waves against my skin, the sky dark overhead. Somewhere along the way, I lost my passport ... and since I don't keep mementos, that was the ONE THING I had to show someone that I have been to Russia and Monte Carlo ... been to Japan and Thailand ... fortunately I am now with a person who knows for herself that I have done much of what I remember (and a few things that I don't!!), so I am cool with that.


Uh, I may have felt that my life was one not of coincidence, but of known mysteries that would reveal themselves after I had taken a step closer to see what they were. I know that I don't get caught up in 'how' I am going to get somewhere, only that I know that I will.

Reading some of the entries of other people, I ask myself if the writer realize how much of the 'power of intention' (sure, I got it from Wayne Dyer ... he is the one that has profited from the commercialization of that phrase ... doesn't mean you can't put it to use!!) by doing crap like my sister Jan, and finding reasons to excuse their lack of living the life that is possible for them.

Life happens whether you are happening to it or not ... what you have to do is be ready for it. I can't worry about how much more of an advantage that some one else had over me ... that isn't part of my problem as much as filling my destiny, doing the best that I can with what I got, is.

Now, I have to figure out what it is that I have, because my book is still writing!!


Tawnya said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday to wish me a happy birthday! It was a good day!! There are some songs that I equate with certain people.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Bjork has a very interesting voice, in a good way. The video was great also.

I have an entry coming on Friday that talks about eras in our lives, and I know you just entered a great one for you :o)