Thursday, October 15, 2009



I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before, but I don't care for the D.C. Metroplex. This includes the area I am in, Northern Virginia. They haven't decided if they are old guard south or if they are enlightened cosmopolitans.

Then there is D.C. itself.

Because it isn't like I didn't know where I was going (even though I don't where I am FOR REAL) when I decided to come here. The WHY outweighs any of the negatives to being here.

Apparently there is a tight govenor's race going on between Robert McDonnell and Creigh Deeds. These cats are NOT PLAYING with their commercials. I wouldn't know who to believe, the mud slinging is so fierce.

Yesterday, I went out by myself for the first time. I walked about a half mile to the gas station and bought the Times and the Post. Sorta strange as the area looks to be stuff put up around the highway without any consideration for pedastrian traffic. Sorta like Telegraph Road back in Detroit. Only with more traffic. Anywho, the plan today is for me to walk somewhere and get a haircut and come back without getting lost. My new cell phone has an application that should help me out with directions if anything develops.

Speaking of the Post ... the obit for Laurent Muriawiec drew my interest. In '02 he did briefing that linked Saudi Arabia to Terror in the world. He suggested that we go over there and seize their oil fields and their assets if they didn't take action against terrorists. As I read more about him and looked at a few pieces about him on line, it seemed as if he became obessed with the idea of radical Islam spreading its ideology throughout the world.

Now the cat who asked Laurent to present his briefing to the Pentagon was considered to be very hawkish himself. While the fallout from his controversial presentation negatively affected his career AT FIRST, with his being fired from his job at the Rand Corp, an influential government think tank. He'd catch on at another think tank, the Hudson Institute and as a fellow in its Center for Middle East Policy.

Now I am feeling a little 'light' in my car, so I am aware that I am 'leaving the rails'. What got to me is the way we think that the people we elect make and effect policy in government and really they do not. It is too much for any person to think about and be informed on, the workings of national government.

There is always a layer just out of sight where things are being done and make 'sense'. If this was too far fetched for consideration, the Rush Limbaugh bid to be a part of the ownership group to by the St. Louis Rams may be a clearer example of how things REALLY work, and it happens beyond our view and understanding.

The cat that thought bringing him on board is the cat that caught my attention, Dave Checketts. I recall him from his years working with the New York Knicks and Madison Square Garden.

I don't know if this was a bid to get a 'celebrity owner' as being done with the NFL's Miami Dolphins. Marc Anthony, Serena Williams and Gloria Estfan have small shares in the team, which is done more for marketing reasons. If it was, then WHO are they going to market their football team to?

Okay, okay ... I get the obvious problems with Rush Limbaugh and his being able to reconcile his political views and being a part owner in an industry that is 70% minority staffed. What bothers me is the fact that there is a group of rich and powerful men who initially didn't see his being a part of their group as a problem. It is only because it is bad for business, not that they had a problem with his politics, that they decided to rescind their offer of being a part of their bid.

It is the group of guys who's name that I don't know, who gets to keep their secret predjudice and ideals hidden that I am wondering about. What is THEIR personal agendas?

One of the things I like to tell people when it comes to my own wild flights into the land of 'TheLone Gunemen' on 'The X-Files', is that it isn't that I or 'they' are not right ...

... but they aren't wrong, either.

Because you see, there IS as much if not more radical Islam in the KSA than in Iran. Maybe they aren't as violent as the cats in Afghanistan, but they have the loot and politcal connections to make things happen.

And while Dave Checketts has been a player in the NBA business for a long time, he also went to BYU and is a Mormon. Uh sorry Charlie, but I don't recall Mormons having the best relations with minorities (yeah, there is a few that have 'drank the kool aid', but that is for another conversation about mythology theory). As a minority and as many marginalized groups could attest, when someone can sell you something that they profit from at that groups expense, they will sell you ANYTHING, whether it is good or bad.

Like that we don't need a public option for health care. Follow the damn money, people. See where it ends up and you will discover who and why they don't want health care reform. Or new regulations in the fianance industry. And you know why, Stuart?? Because they don't want you to know that they are building landing strips for Martians!!

But I like you. You aren't like most of the people here, in the trailer park!!


a corgi said...

Mark; glad you didn't get lost when you ventured out for yourself; I like that area (but I've never lived in that area, just visited); my sister lives about 15 miles out of D.C. in Virgnia

lots of history back there to explore!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you are getting acclimated, and that you have cell phone that will help you from getting lost.

As for understanding the workings more, I think it is more than just following the money, that is a part of it, but there are many organizations out there that bring that to the forefront and demand some true action and change.

Beth said...

Sounds like a great idea to get that app for your phone--it doesn't sound very pedestrian-friendly where you are!

When it comes to the public option and big business opposed to it, I think it's very much a case of "follow the money." Why do you think the health insurance companies are now bitching about it? QED.

Love, Beth