Wednesday, September 23, 2009



When Public Enemy broke thru, this was the kind of rap that scared parents, mainly and lets face it, white parents. Though this is a remix, the lyrics had so much content in them about real social issues, that the fear that the underclass would rise up, frightened the middle classes in their 'safe and stable homes'.

Groups like PE, and Grandmaster Flash, made activism a part of their agenda. They really did give a voice to people who weren't heard. And they took their cues from artists like The Last Poets and Gil Scot Heron, who put change and respect for brothers in their music.

That was another thing that I thought rap music brought initially. The 'black power' of the late 60's and early 70's gave black men something to stand up for. And while party rap was the norm and would eventually obscure all other sub genres, I still long for the real hip hop of KRS One and the Ultramagnetic MC's.

Cats like 50 Cent and Jay Z bore me. In fact, rap isn't even seperate anymore from the same confection that is 'crap pop'. I mean, how different is Rocafella Records from the pablum that Disney creates? Demi Lovato?? Really???

And the difference in what a band like PE projected from what you get out of phony rappers now ...

... do you ever wonder about what we are being exposed to? How the messages change and warp as they evolve? Does anyone ever wonder ...



Dan Brown has made a good living at fictionalizing ideas that have been around and there waiting for the right person to put it to good use ... which is to make money ?!? I wonder how much of that stuff he believes and thinks for real, you know what I am saying?

I have never read any biographies on George Orwell. Perhaps I should. I want to understand what made him write the books that he did, both 'Animal Farm' and '1984'. So much of what he wrote in the latter has come to pass, and not figuratively either.

The way that people in power talk, in the jargon which uncomfortably is made to fit in explanations, the names of bills and organizations that do the opposite of what they are called, and the hypocrisy of why things are supposed to be good for us.

When the furor broke out over the Presidential address, I mentioned that I thought it was a diversionary tactic. It was about the health care issue, and it was about race and disrespect. But I also think it was about something else, and because there was so much stirred up, it was obscured.

WHAT was it? I know that I wonder what it was/is.


The motivation of the Inner Party is not to achieve a future paradise but to retain power, which has become an end in itself.

I am distrustful of the distrust between political parties. I am distrustful of the altruism of those who have power.

There are plenty of charts and papers that puts the concentration of wealth with a range of 1-3% of the countries population having half of the wealth in this country... and I can't imagine it being any better anywhere else in the world.

So who are the ones really worried about things being 'fair and equitable'? Who does it really affect? Instead of 'trickle down' (which it didn't, and would never do, given the character of men), things like better schools, improved health care and improvements civic services and infrastructure, would eventually trickle up.

It doesn't make sense to me.

"Threats of all sorts depend on exploiting another person's rationality. We can thus neutralize threats by making ourselves irrational. Since we have good reason to want to neutralize threats, it can be rational to make ourselves irrational!"

How is it that people can act so crazy when helping them also involves helping others? Why do they follow people who either don't have a grasp of the subject they are talking about (Joe the Plumber) or have possible conflicts of interest in as they are promoting a position (VP Cheney & Halliburton w/rush to war) they they will benefit from ..?

I think that decisions are being made in the upper strata of the world's society that effects how everyone else lives. When your really follow the money, try to see who benefits the most from things, many times I believe you will find 'the people' against an 'entity'. An industry. A collective of conceptual non-beings.

One of the reasons that I got out of the conspiracy business and I compare it to Alice in Wonderland, is that it never ends. Like I think that some of the 'slavery guilt' that comes from the Presidency of Barack Obama can add to encroaching power of the executive branch of government.

Looking at some of the 'benevolent dictatorships' like the one in Russia or the one in Venezuela, I am not sure if that is the kind of America that I want to leave behind me when my run is over. But it is happening. It isn't that you can't say bad things about the President, but after a eight year run where disagreement with the executive branch meant you didn't love America, I think that now it is even more personal.


But it isn't. The concentration of wealth and power in so few hands makes it more plausible that there is a 'natural collusion' that occurs. Whatever class or group of people you rise or sink to, you will begin to see the world through that prism. Which is why there is so much misunderstanding between people who are seperated by seemingly superficial factors.

And why those with percieved advantages, share them only amongst themselves. Because it isn't only poverty that is self perpetuating. 'Cultural Elitie' ... what there is, is a POWER elite.

Michael Moore was on Larry King and I think he did a better job than I did. Along with the charlatism of leadership that I think is occurring, people are going to be working to pay for less services and become more and more desperate...


As for me and my comings and goings ... I am good. Boxing up stuff and me and my SFC are chatting about what we will be building together. Maybe I will talk about that more and more, as I am getting 'short'.

The plan is to find an inexpensive flight and get out there early in October. Right when I was supposed to go west ... irony? Or coincidence?

Need to take my bike to the shop to get it boxed up and shipped ... will do that next week. Time to go enjoy the day!!


a corgi said...

wow, its coming together! when that bike gets boxed up and shipped, then I know the end is eminent with your time in the Detroit area

I don't believe in coincidence, interesting that October was the month for you to go SOMEWHERE, but glad you are going WHERE you are doing and WHO are are going to be with :)


Beth said...

Ken will enjoy seeing the quote from his Philosophical Phun entry. :) He's loving all the thought-provoking comments, and yours are consistently some of the most "intense" and interesting comments we both get! Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? If I have! L&R, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Wow, only two or three weeks, that must be both exciting and intimidating at the same time. Know that you are making the right choice for you, and I wish you all the best. We look forward to hooking up with you both on an East Coast swing :o)