Sunday, July 26, 2009



Usually, summer weeks are short. Ken over at Bucko's World has had a 'fast' week of 'vegecation' with his wifey, Beth. This week for me was very atypical. Time has slowed to a crawl since I have returned from Virginia and has been filled with unexpected twists and turns.

I have to say that the SFC and I are finding out more about each other recently because of what was supposed to create conflict in my life at least, if not between us. Instead, we've become closer than we were before.

The thing that I am thinking about now, is how this will really be the opportunity for me to find out what I am really about. For real.

You know how people have 'lists' of what they are looking for in their partner, often made without consideration to how THEY match up with whoever is potentially their 'perfect person'? That isn't me. I couldn't ask for something of life, without knowing what it is that I have to do in return to earn it.

Here in my journal, I have touched on the 'bulletpoints' of why I chose the particular direction I am going in and why. Getting all detailed for public consumption seems to be a bit much. Perhaps had this been a book, then the need for such detail would be obvious. But I have managed to have detailed schematics to this machine in my head, and that is good enough for me.

Those things also include what I would be asked of, to satisfy my part of the deal. My real concern lies with the idea that I am deserving of what I have requested, and that the responsiblity that comes with it. That is the kicker, the responsiblity. But I have accounted for that, as I have also accounted for the possiblity of a 'darkhorse' coming into my life.

And here we are.

I am glad to be looking forward to spending time with someone who was a good friend before they were anything other than that to me. To be able to say that you have left things behind and be understood by someone is unique. The kind of depth to the understanding sometimes leave something to be desired. But not this time.

And it isn't just that I am the one who is finding themselves 'understood'.

We laugh at how everyone at our duty station would be stunned in disbelief that it took us so long to figure out what they knew years ago. That we belonged with each other.

It isn't only about someone 'getting me'. I get her as well, my SFC, and that is what makes for so much anticpation between us. We pick up on one another without having to think about it ... things 'happen' and we are 'there' with one another, like 'Gina and Martin'.

Like I have thought, I had done enough somewhere and in someone's life to make them want to invite me back into it. To be their choice to share their life with.


Tawnya said...

That is so cool! I am so happy for you Mark! I have a friend like that and it is always so much fun to talk to that person.. I wish you the best of everything with your SFC... I know you are ready for this... Hugs!

Celeste said...

I get happier for you with each entry!

Indigo said...

Echoing everyone's sentiments here, this post just enthuses happy. I can almost imagine talking to you in person and your eyes lighting up when you talk about SFC. All good things come to those who wait ( I think your wait is over). (Hugs)Indigo

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Thanks for the shout out :o)

No surprise to me that things are going so well, we saw the way your eyes lit up when you talked about SFC :o)

You deserve the best Mr. Peach.

a corgi said...

love reading how you and SFC continue to grow more and more close together and are working together on things! I continue to wish you nothing but the best Mark!