Saturday, June 20, 2009



When you first start fighting as a professional, they walk you up to fighting longer distances, beginning quite often with 4 round fights. Some of the more accomplished amateur cats start off with longer fights, but for the most part this is the distance you begin with. You work yourself up in two round increments, to 6, 8, then the distance of real fighters and real men, 10 rounders.

The extra six minutes make a huge difference when competing. There are all sorts of strategic adjustments to be made on account that you are fighting at a range that you aren't used to fighting, a different distance. Your opponent my combine any variety of skills and experiences that affect how you fight and your approach to him.

I could go on, but it only gets more complex. That is why it is called 'strategy' and people win fights based on 'ring generalship'.


Now the thing about me and the SFC, is that we have NEVER kissed. I can't stress that enough. So for everyone in our unit to have thought what those outside of our small office thought, is not hard to believe. She was, is and will always be my best friend. Like I tried to told you, if I like you and you don't cross me, I will always like you ... and if I love you and you ever want to claim it, it is here waiting for you.

Glad that there is no added drama to this, for instance, me going to Nebraska (the place, the place) the week after she called, or Nebraska (the person, the person) having said that she is all in with me on this thing ...

... but hey, that ISN'T the kind of stuff that happens to me, being given such confusion. I am the one who makes the confusion by not sticking to what I know, playing to whatever strengths that I have. Don't know if I have hung with this process I am working with a long time ... what is a couple of years against the stretch of time that it took for the universe to age? I mean, what is the splash of a glass of water on your face compared to the crash of the waves in the North Atlantic? I mean, really?

So I mapped out and set a course ... stayed true to it, and in Ken & Beth, saw the theorem proven in a real world application. Last night was the first night we haven't spoken since we have been back in touch with one another. When we talked tonight, she remarked on it and I felt it!

I don't bother with comparisons to any other time I may have thought I was in love ... I KNOW what is burning incandescently in me is true love. We talk about making a lifelong commitment, and we both know enough about that to know what it means to us to say that. And it means even more when you know that the person you are sharing this with, understands and feels like you do about the plans you are making together.

Right now, I feel absolutely wonderful.


a corgi said...

that is awesome, Mark!!!! like I said in my comment yesterday, I lost something somewhere in reading your journal; I've lost who SFC is, but......I'm happy for you and her!!!!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We even talked about that on Friday morning, because I said that "you did not get to talk to *****" and you said that all was good. Glad to hear it was :o)

Beth said...

I told you that I could sense the happiness just from your writing. It's still there and makes ME feel happy! T minus 5 and counting...!