Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beating Tyson

'Ellen' this morning

Got in from my run. I am getting up a little later because I like running in the heat and when summer hits, my routine will have been adjusted.

Kelly Clarkston is as honest as it gets as an artist. She makes no bones about what she is about in her music or in her appearance. She is the only idol winner I really like. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE Jennifer Hudson. I am just saying what I have to say about Kelly Clarkston.

Watching the scrawl and seeing the names of all the Chrysler dealerships closing in Michigan ... I won't get started on that. Not one bit.


One day, I will prolly talk about how much competition means to me. Along with getting my running times reset, I am trying to pick up the pace on the kind of running and training in general that I am doing. 'Why are you doing that, Mark?', you may be (or maybe not!) be asking? Because Ken and Beth are coming up here to see the Star Trek exhibit!!

While I won't (hopefully) get a chance to knock anyone about the ears, I do want to LOOK the part!! I think I have been fortunate to have never been too overweight and out of rounds. Yet I can't help but want to look sharp for them. I may even take pictures with them!!

I don't run for speed, except I do run sprints. My running is always against myself, rather than what someone says I should be running. After making sure that I reach the general minimums, I run as I go. But I do make sure that I am trying to better what it is I am doing ... which is why keeping a log is so important when working out. Anyway, since I am thinking about Ken ...


Mike is all about timing. He has a 'beat' to his style and you need to disrupt it. The problem when he started his climb, was that his power obscured his speed and timing. When he fought Buster Douglas, Buster took the fight to him. He punched first and he punched LAST. When Mike would walk in close, he would tie him up. After the break, he would again get off first with punches, especially the jab, which he had a very good one of those.

The style Tyson had, was from a 'school' if you will, sorta like in the cheesy kung-fu movies. Cus D'Amato who took young Mike in, taught a certain style of boxing that he took Floyd Patterson to the heavyweight title with. There were similarities to both fighters, the biggest difference being that Mike Tyson was a harder puncher.

Bigger cats with big jabs or quick disruptive jabs gave Floyd MAJOR problems. Sonny Liston had the former, and blasted him out twice. Muhammad Ali had the latter, and tortured him for 12 rounds with his speed.

Buster's jab was very underrated. He was quick for a big guy, and the size he had gave him the strength to pop you back with it. When he fought his best, he utilized his athletic ability with good movement and combination punching. With Tyson, he added timely clinching when in close, and it made a fairly easy fight for him.

As a small heavyweight myself, I know that if a 'big cat' like Ken wants to keep me on the outside, he can. Put out straight punches, especially the jab and if he misses or I start to slip inside, to push off, putting his hand on my shoulders. No matter what, that wears on the smaller heavyweight more. I would have to either wait for the referee to break the clinch, or I would have to work to get myself free. That is draining and hard work.

By keeping Mike at length and popping him with his jab and straight right, he limited his punching opportunities. The uppercut that Mike knocked him down with was telling. Buster made a mistake, pressing the fight and getting too close to Tyson, and Tyson being the puncher, was able to take brief advantage.

The end of the fight, was the clearest demonstration of how you beat Mike. He was at distance, getting raked with long, straight punches. There wasn't too much that Tyson could do. He wasn't in the best of condition physically or mentally. He wasn't prepared to fight, wasn't ready to win. On the other hand, Douglas had all the motivation to fight hard, and had a strategy which he said, '...was to knock him on his a**!'


... what my weight is. I am just working as hard as I can. Taking a shower is fun, because I can 'feel' that there is less of me to wash! My bum is smaller, and my belly is flatter in the mirror. Going up and down the stairs is less of a task, and I have more energy.

I think one of the issues with eating disorders, is that perhaps they start out as good intended diets, but because the diets are born out of not matching an image of what is in the media (a size 10-12 is small to me, but she isn't going to be small to herself), they don't see the changes. They are too small to see, and the person can't be objective. So soon they become obsessive.

Enough with the psycho babble. I think that self-confidence has a lot to do with it. Self-esteem is still something you get from somewhere outside of yourself. Self-confidence is something you get from something you do. Anywho, that is enough for now.


Beth said...

Ken isn't outrageously tall...about 6'. I just make him look taller! LOL I hope there won't be a necessity for knocking anyone about the ears when we're there! ;) And oh yes, there will be pictures. It's gonna be a geekfest...I want one of me sitting in the captain's chair if I can...! We're working on a visit date now. Love, Beth

Indigo said...

I think you have the right mindset not letting a mirror or scale determine how well you look or feel. I know I'm not one of those woman who studies herself in the mirror or needs to check her appearance all the time. I take it in stride who this person I am is, in the end it doesn't necessarily matter if it fits everyone else's perception of me rather, if it fits my own.

As for the what you said about blogging every day. I never took it as an insult. It was more in the stream of you knowing me well enough from my writing and how far I could go with it. To me that was the greatest compliment - you've taken the time to get to know me. (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

The Mike Tyson fight that stands out with me is the one with Michael Spinks. Spinks was a great light-heavy, but was out kind of out of his league when he went up a class. He looked absolutely terrified, and went down in the first round.

I think some of Tyson's success was the Fear Factor. Forget about Shaft, Tyson was one bad mother... and he just looked like someone you didn't want to tangle with.

Once Douglas beat him, though, that mystique was shattered, and he never really got it back.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

All my crazy hours are taking a toll. I am not gaining, but I am not losing either. I could give up the beer, ....thinking..... Nope [it was a passing thought].

My only chance of looking slim at this point is to bulk up my chest and shoulders :o)

Senorita said...

I don't know why, but I can't stand American Idol. Kelly Clarkson is the only idol winner that I really liked. I stopped watching after that first season in 2002.