Tuesday, September 30, 2008

... as John Cleese once said ...

... and now time for something completely differet ..!

I don't listen to my 'newer' music as much, stuff on CD's and such.  Then there is You Tube, where when I would go to the DPL (I did mention that my Pops got a new computer, didn't I?) and do my 'You Tubing'.  What was cool about that, is getting the live performances of artists that I've not seen, live or otherwise.  I also have a lot of music on portable drives, and I don't even know what is on the them, but I plan on doing an inventory of what's what soon.  There is some good stuff, Pedro the Lion, some Kings of Leon, a little PJ Harvey, and Rihanna's first cd (and I think that it is near unanimous ... SHE'S HOT!!).

I have thought about what it would take to put together 'mixtape playlists' to run and exercise with.  Right now, when I go off on my long rides, I am listening to tape via a Panasonic Shockwave Sports Walkman.  It is ready to give up the ghost though, but EBay has hooked me up with another walkman, that functions like the one that is dying on me!

I wonder what the movie 'Nick and Norah's' Infinite Playlist is about.  The commercials have me intrigued.  When I am on my bike riding and I am just riding with no particular place to go, I will think about the music and what it makes me feel.


Uh, that is me.  At least my Best Sister thought so!  I have a Chuck Berry greatest hits tape with that song on it, and when she was a kid, she would tell me that I was the cat in that song!  It also reminds me why I need to get over myself, because that song could have been the theme for me!

To her young eyes, she could see what my deep insecurity kept me from seeing ... that the girls, women, were really enamored of me!  This included my crap ex-wife ... she just didn't have any 'people skills'.

Anywho, my Best Sister especially like the part where Chuck is talking about "there's a whole lot of trouble with a brown eyed handsome man!"


Is PJ Harvey pretty?  To me, she is so what does it matter?  Watching her perform this song rocking out ... I have always wanted to see her live.  I first got wind of her with her first release, 'Rid Of Me' and the video for '50 ft Queenie'.  I sorta can't explain why she strikes me ... I don't try to analyze her lyrics too deeply, and you don't have to, as her voice puts her emotions rightthere for you to see.  Me, I let the music take me to where it goes with me.  The song 'Rid Of Me' makes me think of Pecan Sandie, because her passion has (had ..?) the same kind of mania that PJ sings about ...  Too bad I was still so wrapped up in myself to where I couldn't fully appreciate the good things about her.  Too immature and not being able to understand what she was feeling for me.

Would catch her years later on Letterman, singing this song,"The Letter", but I think her video captures the tortured feeling of a passioned letter writer.  When I have written letters, I think that the content accurately conveys the emotions that move the pen across the page.  I still write, not as much as I email, but I carry a pad or a small notebook with me, to jot down quotes or to put ideas that my spur the machinery of my 'image nation'.

NEXT:  I think that I ought to think about it ..!

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luvrte66 said...

I think it's sweet that your sis would tell you that!

As you know, I'm a fellow music lover, and there are certain songs that say so much to me. I understand how it speaks to you, too.

Hugs, Beth