Saturday, April 12, 2008

Claiming Your Life


... or Monday, Mookie is going to be home.  I have that feeling you get when your parents leave you home alone when you are a junior in high school ... oh wait, that happened!  That was a time I got one of the rare BEATINGS from my Mother ..!

The peeps would go to a sleep-a-way camp sponsored by the family church.  I had the bright idea to get a set of keys made to my Mom's car, so while they were away, I could drive the ride ..!  Not knowing any better, when my Mom's Best Sister came to check on me, and saw the car in the drive way ... since this was on DAY ONE, I had FIVE DAYS to think about what would happen when she got home ...

... needless to say, IT HAPPENED!!

I do expect Mookie to be cheerful, as she has been gone and had to deal with her sister's issues.  Lil' Mook has missed her Mom, and I will be GLAD to have this pressure off of me!  I never minded when I kept my KT for the summer, but lil' Mook ISN'T my KT!  Really, the worst part has been this has been a great bonding experience for us.  We have talked and kidded and just grown close.

Not going to change my intentions.  Still a 90 - 95% probability of 'leaving'.  I say that, because you know what I call people who are 100% certain of anything?

Hypocrites waiting to happen.


He wrote a well recieved book.  I am going to listen to this interview again when it gets posted to the NPR site.  Remembering correctly (yes dear, things 'fade' quick ... that is why I have to trust my feelings)

This morning I listen to his interview with Scott Simon, I found myself heartened.  It seems he worked in another field as his career, and then told his wife that he was going to become a writer.  It not only caught my ear, because he spent most of his life doing something else, didn't start trying to write until his mid-forties, and was unconventional.  What really struck me was how he spoke of his wife, who supported his decision, and was willing to follow him as he followed his dreams ...

... so you wonder why I have a hard on for my first wife ..?  And why Pecan Sandie have a hard on for me?

Since I have lived it, I don't expect to go thru the details, but I messed over her ... ROYALLY ...


I am going to spend most of the day listening to a sermon that I was sent, watching the mini-series 'Storm of the Century' and making sure that the house is in order for Mookie to come home.  I have already washed most of the clothes (her delicates and 'fancy clothes' I don't mess with ... SHE can mess those clothes up!), and I just need to gloss over the house, essentially.  Hope y'all have a good day!

Enjoy Meat Beat Manifesto!

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lv2trnscrb said...

Mark, so glad you enjoyed the tape; he is a good speaker; I do enjoy his sermons; the next one when you listen to it is great on relationships

I was wondering when Mookie was coming home; she's been gone a long time; I bet lil Mook will be glad to see her; I loved your comment about 90-95% and 100%; I hadn't thought of it in that way before, but that is a good point to think about; I usually say I'm 99.9% about something