Saturday, February 23, 2008

... operating at 95% capacity ..!

Remember when ..?

Alan Greenspan, who I thought was the master of global economy had said the US economy was full with 'irrational exuberance'?  I had that yesterday ... a couple of journals and a comment or two in mine really had me wanting to 'reach out' and hold the author's close for a moment.

While I have never 'wished' to be different, there are moments where I wish I could 'turn off' and just be among the sheep-like masses ... but I am over it now, so 'as you were' ...


When the nurse came in and read my BP, I at first didn't know what she was saying ... the words sounded that foreign to me, it has be so long since I have heard a normal reading ... to hear 'six figures' is NOT out of the question.

Part of what makes me feel so attached to my health care is that relationship I have seems so sincere.  There have been visits where they have kept me at the clinic and call a bus to take me to hospital, one time one of the nurses from the clinic rode with me ..!

So to go from that to a benign, normal reading is just stunning.  Now I don't count the weight that they take at the clinic, as the environment doesn't have the controls ... for one, I was fully clothed ... but since they had me at 224 with my TWO jackets on as well as my being dressed I can just imagine how much I now weigh.

But I don't think that it is necessarily a 'good weight'  Though I have kept exercising, I haven't been eating normally and riding to the clinic, I felt weaker than normal.  But not weaker impaired.  I have relied upon my physical strength to carry me for quite awhile now ... it may be cool to adjust to being a 'smaller' cat ...

... Monday get my cholesterol tested ... good grade on that, and man how much better can things get?

My CD's ...

I am not good at searching things out on the internet, sorry.  I am an old school shopper where I like to track and find my bargains.  For instance, I would like to find some CD carriers.  I have well over 700 CD's.  I plan on getting an IPOD for the stuff on the computer, but I want to keep the physical CD collection that I have. 

I can find a way to store the cover art, but the cases have to go.  I don't know what it is I am asking for, but I will know it when I see it.

Typing Test

I have been fumbling through an online typing test, starting to finally get some improvement.  Don't expect to reach my peak speeds in the low 80's ... but if I can put together something consistent ... I can delude myself into thinking that I may get back into the clerical field! 

Please, don't ask me why I have wanted to be a secretary ..!  I just don't know ..!  I wonder if my BFF could find something around our office for me to do part time ... that would be super kung-fu ginchy cool ..!

The Big Finish

No 'big finish' today ... kind of just segue back into being normal ..!


mpnaz58 said...

Health...amazing that so many people take it for granted, but when you don't have it, or its lacking, dang, you sure feel it!  I do believe your fitness path is helping you..lots!  The key to opimal health and wellness is physical, emotional and spiritual.  I haven't been reading you for very long, but I see you on the path to getting there (wherever there may be).  Continued luck on your journey, my friend!
xoxo ~Myra  

lv2trnscrb said...

aerobic exercise, as you know, is great for controlling blood pressure, so is healthy living and losing weight; glad to see your numbers are in the normal range, so many people younger and younger are being diagnosed with hypertension, its not funny

I bet your cholesterol reading will be a good one too with your diet/running

Clueless what to do with the CDs; we just keeping weeding ours down every time we move and try not to buy a whole bunch nowadays