Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Kind Of Stuff That Worked For Bob Talbert

What happens to your life after you have, hands down, one of the worst days of your life? See, that is all life can do, is knock you down. It is the getting back up and getting on that is where the challenge lies.

What happens when your heart keeps getting disappointed, will you eventually become the clichéd cynical and bitter woman? As for disappointment, the kind that you speak of, is something that I can't comment on. It is sooo different for a man. Being able to initated and disengage is far more simpler for us than it is for a woman. Wished I knew how you were able to get the symbol for the second 'e' in 'cliched' though.

What happens to someone's soul when they lose whatever bit of personality they once had to become just like someone no one respects or trusts? I haven't ever thought of changing my personality. Not for a second. As many girls I have squired around, I never operated with a core group of friends. I have become comfortable by myself, something that I have been since I was a 5th grader, if not earlier.

This has meant that I have kept the same personality, the same essence that I have always had. Meant fewer parties and movies with a buddy, but I am good.

What happens when you finally decide to stop wondering about what could happen? As far as what happens when you decide to stop wondering ... after Wednesday, I will find the hell out!!

What happens to children who are always over-protected, spoiled, and never encouraged to be independent? I wouldn't know what happens to overprotected children, but I will prolly find out. I have one daughter who is encouraged to do and go wherever the winds of the world will take her. Then I have my oldest daughter who would rather stay in her room and sulk as teens do. Only she has been this way all her young life.

As I said ... I will find out. Oh, my other daughter is of course, between the poles of her older sisters. She gets to do some things, as long as it is within the reach of the chain her mother has on her!

What happens when everything in your life changes?
Life changes ..? If Thursday was the ONLY time I have made such a big life change. I guess the difference is whether or not the change was of choice or one that was forced upon you.

This is one time where I WISH that I didn't have the experience of having a sea change occur in my life. Right now, so close to zero hour and the start of a new BOOK in my life, I am stressed.

But it isn't DISstress. That would be another matter entirely. I will get into character and make what needs to happen, happen.

What happens to a broken heart? It heals. Whether you believe it will or not.

What happens when you settle for the convenient? Had I gone west, that wouldn't have been convenient, either! Had I settled for the convenient, I would be miserable! Sometimes, I think I need to, with all the issues I have. But what is convenient about shooting for the stars? What is worth having that did not demand an element of risk??

What happens to you after you walk away? Life goes on. You live and hopefully you have learned.

What happens when you get everything you ever wanted? Again ... 8 October 09 ... I will find out


Sage Ravenwood said...

Life will always - guaranteed offer you a question to resolve or if not, to live with.

All anyone can ever do - is follow their heart and take the next step.

How you deal with life's questions has alot to do with how you live your life. (Hugs)Indigo

Ken Riches said...

I think we would be the type that would hang out together, more focused on working out than socializing, but we would have a beer together at times.

I wish you nothing but good luck on the 8th, and know that the four of us will cross paths many times in the future.

Take a deep breath and relax, go for a run, do what you need to decompress, it is only a few days away.

Love you man :o)

betty said...

I liked how you said a broken heart will heal Mark; wise words for sure; so many think it never will and life will never be good for them again, but so often it can even be better (as evidenced with all the wonderful changes happening in your life :)


Angel said...

Mark...this was great. Brokenhearts DO mend...even if you feel that they won't. It may take a little longer than what you expected, but find that your heart doesn't hurt as much.

Unless you're a woman! then the heart always hurts! ;)

good luck on the 8th and I will be thinking about that day.

DB said...

I think life is a great meat grinder. We go into it however we go and we go through it screaming, griping, weeping, yelling, kicking, punching, burping and farting. The only thing we know is that we can't turn back. And when we come out the other end there isn't much to us except mind and heart.


Beth said...

I like how you say that this isn't just a new chapter...this is a whole new book.

It's not unusual to feel stress under such circumstances. Even happy events like weddings are considered to be a great source of stress. You'll be there before you know it!

To make the é...

Hold down the ALT key and type 0233. Voilà! :) Hugs, Beth