Tuesday, August 6, 2019



In fact, it is the 13th!!  I have a nice spot in between here and there.  Kitty has found herself a nice place as well.  You are correct if you have noticed that we are headed for non-coordinated destinations.  It is what it is.  Will I ever journal it?  I hope not!  

The reason that I don't want to journal about my personal comings and goings is that I want to concentrate more on positive, goal-oriented things and that is the conversation I want to have "with myself".  Does it mean that I won't EVER gripe in here..?  I am not sure... because the point of my returning to my journal is to build from where I am at, and August 13th will be a new start in my life.  I have conversed with my twin sisters' and I would like to report that we are at least squared away with one another.

The last 4 weeks or so have been EXTREMELY challenging.  From breaking my face, to moving, and to having another exhausting Social Security examination, this has been a hairy time in my life.  But I am more than up to the task!  First of all, the deep and involved look into my intimate situation has already been downgraded, so I won't be putting anything off unto my domestic situation.  I still have my job and my growing Rock Steady franchise, and I am STILL as pretty as a girl!  To quote a childhood hero of mine... What, me worry?

Listening to my youngest sister was are real treat.  She has remarried, moved to Texas, and is doing well with her profession and her life.  Though listening to her when I was 15 was more of listening to babble (I am at least 10 years older than she is... so she was likely a babbling toddler then..!), listening to her as a peer was a unique experience.  The last time I felt as I did when talking to her was like I had felt when KT and Skye chose to speak through their emotions to me.  When your child confides in you as an adult... that is a special kind of feeling.  What I felt when talking to my sister was kind of the same emotion.

Hopefully the next few weeks goes smoothly for me and I make my transition cleanly.  It is will take a lot of focus and determination to make it through.  I will again strive to set a journaling schedule and adhere to it.


ThomasLB (AbbiesTreeHouse) said...

One of the joys in growing older is connecting with friends and siblings on an adult level. The older we get, the more we are our own creation instead of clay molded by outside forces.

Ken Riches said...

Excellent progress, hope the move goes smoothly. Hope we can find a way to get together in the next 6 months or so.

Beth said...

Hang tough! You know we love you!