Monday, July 8, 2019


One of the biggest battles that I face daily is the one that I fight with myself.  I have been fighting with myself over the installation of the programs that I want  have loaded in my brain computer.  Some of the programs, while simple to load, does not necessarily mean that run/execute is going to be easy.  For instance, pre-planning my day.

Many self-help articles make a point to prioritize schedule/day planning.  Whatever it is that is keeping me from doing so, my old pathology has become outdated and is failing me.  I want to know what I have to face for the upcoming day, week, month.  My return to journaling is a part of holding me accountable, because if something is written down then the act of writing it adds a dimension of “thereness” to the act (my move to Omaha is a great example of what I mean).  In fact, the express purpose of THIS journal was just that-- to keep myself accountable while I managed a broken relationship (that I am doing so (journaling) again is PURELY coincidental..!) and writing things down has more meaning and an added dimension of thereness that is a sign of and driver of long-term success.

My “self-talk” is also crucial to my future well-being.  Though I have considered myself to be a confident, positive person, the truth is that there is a crucial amount of doubt that is in my mind and in my soul.  From thinking about my friend that I Facebook creeped not that long ago, to moments in life where I “pulled back” instead of forging ahead, I have decided that the doubt that rattles around in my head must be eliminated, and if not eliminated, shrunk to where it lies dormant and is not active in my being.

This week I am going to write down my approach to a number of groups that I plan on contacting regarding my Rock Steady franchises.  Now that I have a partner to help me with the Pinnacle franchise, I feel that I can comfortably do a lot more with regard to this aspect of my job.  Which dovetails into…

Rock Steady is going to be who I am.  Several times I have been publicly identified “the guy on television” or “the guy with that lady boxing”.  It is obvious that I have made an impact, particularly on the affected community.  What I hope is that there is enough “celebrity” where I can use that influence on the people that I plan on seeing.  But I am going to marry my “Big Mark” characterization with my work as a trainer in the local Parkinson’s community.  I am going to fully embody my identification and work hard at becoming a figure of good repute within the PD folks.

Finally, there has been this:

My client/friend who has been training with me for nearly 2 years invited me on a road trip to Kansas City!  We would rendezvous with a Facebook friend who lived across the street from my Mom in the Motor, and grew up with the twins!!  It was a great meet up, catching up with my “little brother” (and this would be the only non-biological cat that I would call a member of my family), who is a highly regarded chef in KC.  So my client was able to talk about cooking and being a chef, and he also got a feel on the inside of my  character as my friend and I talked. My client, who is an illegal from India, chose me to be his friend.  Based on what he has shared with me about his hopes and future goals, from getting his green card and his hopes to run his own restaurant and invest in property here in Omaha, I believe I have done a good job as a friend.  Mind you, it still feel strange and is something that I will have to get used to, apparently.  It’s the thing that they never tell you when you are young, that when you are an adult, the things that matter to people are more substantial than the latest sneakers or fly outfit.  Talk about family, the people you enjoy, and your relationship partner, are the things that dominate conversations.  Saying that, it doesn't seem that way while you are on your journey, and while it may be true that “life is a dance; find a partner!”, being among those who hang to the walls of the party is not so bad… and every then and such, someone will ask you to the dance floor!


ThomasLB (AbbiesTreeHouse) said...

I used to write a lot of letters, and the act of writing things down did help me sort of process the things that had happened. I'd like my own blog to start containing more personal content, to sort of pick up the slack for the penpals that have fallen away.

Ken Riches said...

Being remembered as a friend is a worthy legacy...